Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips on Growing Jasmine

I have been planting jasmine without knowing clearly the tips for successful growth of my plant. It was by trial and error that I discovered regular pruning of the plant after its blooms drop off will result in more blooms.

Recently, while surfing on the Green Culture Singapore website, I found answers by Mr. Wilson Wong, founder of Green Culture Singapore, a website for plant lovers, to a question by reader whose jasmine plant does not flower.

Question: I have a jasmine plant that refuses to flower. Instead, it grows tall and lanky. I've added fertiliser but to no avail.

The symptoms you described seems to suggest that your plant is not receiving enough sunshine for growth.

Jasmine are flowering shrubs that need direct sunshine to grow well and flower. Otherwise they will produce lanky growth and no flowers.

In a highrise environment, it is preferable to grow jasmine in a location where they can get at least 4 to 6 hours direct sunshine. Adding flowering plant food does not promote flowering if there is insufficient sunshine.

Fertilizers that can be used to promote the flowering of plants should have a higher ratio of potassium to nitrogen and phosphorous. The ratio is often found on the label.


Stephanie said...

I do not have a Jasmine tree in my garden. But regarding fertiliser, I have been not using them for a while because fertiliser make my plants 'work harder', grow faster and bigger which I do not like. Recently I am only using blooming fertiser for some of my plants as they are taking so long to bloom.


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