Friday, May 15, 2009

Bandar Harapan Organic Farm

I was glad during the long weekend of Labour Day holiday I was able to spend time on my own enjoying things that I like. For instance, I visited the Sg. Buluh Nursery, went for photo shoot at the Subang Jaya uncompleted flyover and last visited the Bandar Harapan Organic Farm. I wanna share with all of you my outing to Bandar Harapan Organic Farm.

The Bandar Harapan Organic Farm (BH) is located in Ara Damansara. It's the first time I have been there even though I have heard so much about it. It is not difficult to find the location. Based on the map that I found on its website, I drove out to search for the farm. It wasn't difficult to find. Amazingly, the farm is located behind the area of posh bungalows within Ara Damansara residential houses.

Map 1: Direction to BH from Subang Airport

Map 2: Direction to BH from Kelana Jaya

My friend, Seong Mooi, who is a school teacher has adopted a piece of land within BH (about 200 square feet) to do organic farming. She would bring her school students there on Sundays to teach them about nature, plants and carry out environmental education with them. She said the owner of BH, Ivan Ho, actually taught them how to do organic farming on Sundays and on weekdays, the BH team will help to maintain the plants for them. She pays RM200 monthly for the maintenance of her plot of land in BH.

I think this is a rather interesting concept for urban people like us, who would love to try out organic farming and yet is lack of land in our usual linked houses.

I reached BH a bit late. My friend, Seong Mooi and her students have left the farm. Ivan has also left the farm with the harvest of the day. He sometimes sell his farm's produces in the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. Fortunately, Ivan's assistant, Siti was around to let me in.

I had a great time exploring the farm and shooting away with my camera. These are what I saw at the farm. For one who grows up in town, I really enjoy exploring the farm and checking out the fruits and flowers there.

A papaya tree growing among the little choy sum.

Brinjals hanging from their stems.

Red ladyfingers? I don't know why they are red.
(Added 29 May 2009: I was told by a friend that this red lady fingers are from Taiwan.
Bandar Harapan is trying to propagate more of this red lady fingers.)

A beautiful orange colour ladybird on a plant

This is a big pineapple. There are a few growing by the side of the fence.

The mulberries in this farm produce many fruits.

Turmeric (kunyit) growing healthily

A type of sugar cane.
We usually boil it with rock sugar and it helps to reduce heatiness in the body.

Misai Kuching

Morning Glory (Seri Pagi)

A water catchment pond, surrounded by Morning Glory.

A busy rooster

Tapioca shoots
(Corrected on 29 May 2009, thanks to blogger Jenny for highlighting my mistake of tagging it
as Sweet Potato shoots)

Rows of lemon grass

Curry leaves

A Hindu temple is found in the compound of BH.

Young choy sum

Lush green spinach

Flower of Lady Fingers

Lady fingers

For those of you who have not been to a farm, do give it a try. It's really fun exploring the place and checking out the vegies and plants growing!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

It really warms my heart whenever I see one good organic vegetable garden. Sungai Buloh has good and fertile soil, and so is Ara Damansara I think. Somehow the place is a little bit cooler than the metropolitan KL. We can feel that as we drive through Sungai Buloh from Subang... Such a good experience to walk through good vegetable plot!!

Stephanie said...

This vegetable plot is amazing! I like the fact that it is an organic one. They planted so many types of vegetables too. Very good destination choice for your outing :-) That ladybird is so cute, I hope they would not kill it. Btw, I hope your Rangoon Creeper will grow well and bloom soon!

jenny said...

the pic of young tapioca leaf ( pucuk ubi kayu) is wrongly tagged as sweet potato leaves.

Kitty said...

I'm more interested to know what natural fertiliser/pesticides being used to grow the plants and veggies. I hope there's a new update on this soon.

dengilo said...

In europe its nothing new!!!Its simply called alotments,Its about time the local councils set aside land for this purpose,
If u guys happen to be in ampang jaya come and visit my small little pride and joy,Its behind the dewan orangramai jalan 1 next to the basketball court.Only six months ago itwas a hutan now its my joy

hatiharapan said...

Hello Bro Sunny,There is a change in management in bandar harapan recently.I would appreciate if you can give me a call or sms me your contact at 0193751382
ivan ho
thank you


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