Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lady Butterfly Came for Breakfast

I am so glad that the rain has returned. For the last 2 days, we had rain in the middle of the night. My plants look lush and fresh again. I hope the scorching hot season would end soon.

This morning when I visited my garden, the plants greeted me happily as they had a long, cool shower last nite. I also had a few butterflies fluttering and dancing away in my garden. Their dances bring joy not only to me but also to my beautiful blooms. Those blooms were swaying away happily as the breeze blew across them. Their sways were accompanied by the melody performed by the chirping of birds. It seems like the whole world was rejoicing that the rain has finally arrived!

Today's photo is of a beautiful orange Lady Butterfly that visited my garden this morning for her breakfast, I assume, hee...hee... I first caught sight of her when she was hanging upside down on my Wrightia Religiosa flower. She looked like she was hanging on a trapeze. I hope to see Lady Butterfly in my garden more often. She is so beautiful and elegant! Hope you woould think the same too.


Canadian Trillium said...

Beautiful pictures!
Plant Lady

mlc said...

Very nice photography. Butterflies are so beautiful. It is raining here today in Ohio USA. We were not dry, but it is good for my spring water loving plants like radish, lettuce, and Kohlrabi.

Ayie said...

That's a beautiful post, the shots are great! beautiful butterfly!


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