Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry is native to northern part of South America. It is also known as West Indies Cherry. It was the first time that I saw the fruit of Barbados Cherry at the nursery in USJ1. The vibrant red fruit hanging from the tree was really attractive. So I decided promptly to get a pot of the plant with the hope that I could have cherries straight from the tree every day! LOL!

The tree is a shrub-sized plant. It is suitable for our tropical climate. The pink flowers look attractive. Both the attractive pink flowers and deep crimson fruits make it a beautiful ornamental plant for my garden.

The fruit of Barbados Cherry is green in colour and will trun deep crimson when ripe. I enjoy plucking the ripe crimson colour fruits off the plants and eat the fresh fruit instantly. It's rather sour but I have a sour tastebud. So it's just perfect for me. The fruit has extremely high Vitamin C.


islandgal246 said...

JC I make lots of juice with these cherries and I mix it other juices. Delicioso!

Stephanie said...

Hi JC, yeah, maybe I should check out USJ1. I have not gotten the chance to go to the PJ old town market and Amcorp flea market stalls as recommend too :-( But I am sure one day I would be able to meet those two retailers. TQ for the Plumeria recommendation too. Will check out more of Plumeria in your next posting.

Barbados cherry's red colour is so gorgeous. If the plant blooms during Chinese New Year, it will make a good ornamental plant as well. The fruit look sweet. If you didn't say that it is sour, I wouldn't know.

Have a wonderful day!

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

Oh... I never knew we can plant cherries here, well, it might be a different cultivar, but it's ok, as long as they are red and look like it, I'm happy.
I'll definately heading to the USJ1 nursery when I get my new house's keys.
BTW, where in USJ1? I stay there, but I've never seen one.

duniaku said...

saya ada sepohon pokok ini. mula2nya bercadang nak jadikan bonsai, memandangkan rancak berbunga dan mengeluarkan buah yang cantik, rasanya sayang pula nak kerdilkan pokok itu.tambahan pula anak suka makan buahnya..


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