Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red Plumeria

This is the red plumeria that I recently added to my garden. Yup, it's my 3rd plumeria plant.

The nursery that I frequented in USJ1 is moving out and the owner, Magdalene, offered me this plumeria (with blooms) at RM10 per pot. Without any hesitation, I purchased it.

My earlier purchase of plumerias was also made this nursery. I was offered the plumeria without blooms at RM10 per pot. Till today, I still don't have any blooms yet. So, I do not know what colours are the bloom of my earlier purchased 2 pots of plumeria.

During my past visits to this nursery, the plumerias with blooms were priced at RM25 each. So my recent purchase is considered a good bargain!


I found this interesting video on urban indoor gardening the Patrick Blanc Living Wall style:


Stephanie said...

Hi JC, finally you posted this plumeria. It is very beautiful! The colour of the flower is gorgeous. RM10 is a steal! Very good buy! If I am not able to make a trip to that nusery by end of this month, I see if I can get one elsewhere.

Btw, the video is good one. TQ for posting!

Flora said...

Wish I could grow a plant as fabulous as that in one of my garden - but I think it might be a tad too cold for it over here (Scotland). It looks beautiful though - I love the colour!

Blur Ting said...

It's a great looking plant, so small yet full of flowers! I have two at home, one keeps flowering while the other has never produced any flowers to date!


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