Monday, May 11, 2009

Brinjal in My Garden

These are brinjals shoot growing from the seeds that I sowed. I got the seeds from a nursery that plants brinjal and chillies commercially. The nursery guy suggested that I used the soil from them ~ combination of river sand and pulps from oil palm. He assured me that's how they plant their brinjals.

I have re-pot the brinjals. It's my first organic farming and I am not sure how long would it take before I can see brinjals hanging from this plant. I am getting excited about growing vegies in my garden and practically every day I would check on it to see how much taller it has grown. Can someone tell me how long would it take before I can harvest fruit? And does brinjal plant likes sun or shade?


Ayie said...

haha, it looked like a slice of brown bread at first glance!


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