Friday, May 22, 2009

Blooming Wild Orchid

My wild orchid showed a bloom yesterday! I am extremely overjoyed. This is the third time that it has bloom for me.

I got this wild orchid from Genting Highlands. While driving around, we came across a field of wild orchid near to the Mushroom farm. We were not certain if this plant would survive the tropical heat of our lowland. So, we plucked some and brought them home. I gave some to my neighbour and kept some for myself. I plant them in a pot of soil with good drainage system. Similar to the media where I saw it grew in Genting Highlands.

Amazingly, the plant is able to survive the scorching heat of our weather. The blooms are beautiful, however they won't last. The longest that I remember is only 3 days. Whereas the blooms from local orchids can last over a month or some even two.


Stephanie said...

It is good to see the plant survived and doing well here right? I got my Cupea Hyssopifolia and Chicken Gizzard plants from Fraser's hill (ssshhhhh! but they have plenty there!) :-) Btw, I have one old orchid plant that was given by my neighbour's mother and it is not blooming yet. I just hope it will bloom soon.

Baloney said...

Nice growing! FYI this orchid's name is Arundina graminiflora :)


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