Thursday, May 7, 2009

Black Spots on Plumeria

I found black spots on some leaves of my plumeria. When I was at Sg. Buluh's nurseries, I asked one of them what's wrong with my plumeria that I got these black spots on the leaves. The explanation given was those are old leaves. I find the answer unconvincing. I hope to see my plumeria blooming with fragrant flowers. I hope it won't die on me.

Can someone help to explain what has gone wrong with my plumeria? What's the diagnosis and treatment? Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.


Blur Ting said...

I've got two of these at home too. One of them had rust under the leaves, so I chopped the branches off and new leaves grew. I read somewhere that the leave change colour due to the different seasons we're getting, like too much rain or sun but they don't leave any permanent damage on the plants.

One of them is always flowering all year round even though the leaves don't always look so good. I think your will be fine.

J.C. said...

Thanks, Blur Ting for sharing your knowledge on the Plumeria. Builds up my hope to see blooms on this plant of mine! :o)

Anonymous said...

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Lynn Lee said...

Hi JC, I came across your webpage as I was googling to find out more about caring for plumeria. I am facing the same problem with my plumeria with reddish spots on the leaves. Did you manage to find a solution for yours?


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