Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Leaves of Calladium

This is the Calladium that my friend, Poh, gave to me together with another beautiful fern that I have posted earlier.

The first photo was taken when I first received the plant. You can see that the leaves are greener and fresh. But after 3 weeks, the plant has more white colour on it. I put the Calladium in the porch area, away from direct sun. Warmth and moisture are considered two of the Caladiums best friends. They need both to flourish. I tried to incorporate both. Sometimes I would bring the pot outside when there is sunshine, but usually they would be placed under bigger plants. Not direct sun, but just for it to get some heat. However, I realized they are not getting any better than when I first receive this plant. I am crossing my fingers that they would grow well. I love this Calladium. They have such attractive leaves!!

Aren't they beautiful?


Stephanie said...

Hi JC, caladium has beautiful leaves. I like them too. But, mine just did not so well under my care. I notice some gardeners can grow it until it forms a big bouquet with many leaves. For me, very often when the newer leaf grow out, the older one will turn yellow and die off. But I am still growing two kinds in my garden. I think one of it is same of yours. Keep gardening and don't give up!


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