Sunday, May 17, 2009

Selasih (Basil) Seed

After a short drizzle, I went out to the garden to check my plants. I found a basil seed on the dried flowers. And that's a selasih seed. I love drinking air bandung with selasih seed. But I didn't know those selasih seed actually comes from the basil plant! Do you know this?


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I think selasih in sirap bandung is basil.. Close-up photo of basil matured flowers is interesting, and we can see the little hairs. Just imagine if we can do close-up on hearts.... not in the physical sense...... what would we see then..

~ bangchik

Stephanie said...

Oh dear I don't know. In this case, I hope they have many seeds! If not, in future no more basil :-) Hope that you have had a restful weekend. Have a great week ahead!

Maggie said...

You have some terrific close-up photos of your basil. But I'm not sure what I'm seeing... What is the clear stuff surrounding that one seed? I haven't seen that on my basil seeds.

I also really enjoyed the photo tour of the organic farm you visited. Thanks for taking us along with you!


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