Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First Lady Finger

What a great relief and excitement to see a lady finger growing on my plant!!! It's my first lady finger! The first time my plant flowered, the flower was not pollinated and thus, there was no lady finger. The 2nd and 3rd flowers were pollinated and now I have 2 lady fingers growing on my plant.

I often find cottony tiny bugs on this lady finger plant. Sometimes there are so many of them. I would catch each of them. And use water to wash them off the leaves. Is there a better way to manage these bugs? This morning I also found them on my Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow plant. They have made some webs on my YTT. I was worried that they would suck away the juice from my YTT and kill it. Do you know of any way that I could get rid of this bugs, apart from using pesticide?

I have noticed another 2 pots of lady fingers have curled leaves. A friend told me they won't survive. I wonder what went wrong to cause the leaves to curl so badly. I also notices some white spots on the leaves. Is this caused by some bugs? Or the plant does not get enough nutrient? Can someone help me to improve on the condition for these 2 pots of lady fingers?

I also spotted black dots on my lady finger leaves. Then the leaves would gradually turn yellow and drop off from the plant. This is worrying me. I feel so helpless as I don't know how to protect my lady finger plants from all these illness or harm from bugs. As a first time vegie grower, I think I am overly-reacting towards this. But I prefer to take preventive action to save my plants than watch them die on me. Please share with me some tips if you know of any. Thank you. I wish all of you a happy weekend!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

JC..., the weaker ones will succumb to endless problem. But you do have some good "kacang bendi" growing to happy about.

Serendipity said...

Hello, just blog visiting. I've been reading through your gardening posts and I really enjoy them. Hope you don't mind my asking a question. I came across your blog on a plant called kerak nasi with pandan fragrance.

Recently I bought one too not knowing its name until I read at your blog. Mine doesn't seem to be growing all that well. Do you know how long it takes before they bloom? And what kind of fertiliser to use? Many thanks.

J.C. said...

Hi Serendipity, the kerak nasi plant is also known as Kesidang by our local Malaysian nurseries. I put some flowering fertilizer (the red ones) onto the plant twice a month. And water generously after you add the fertilizer.

Just becareful to place the fertilizer around the plant and NOT touching the stem as this fertilizer will burn the plant.

Your Kerak Nasi/Kesidang will grow well after that. It's a climbing plant so you will need to provide trellis/support for it to grow.

Hope that helps, Serendipity!! I didn't know that a terrier dog can communicate with me! Cool! Wait till I tell my friends! :p

Serendipity said...

Thanks for the tips! Oh dear, looks like I've done it all wrong. I placed the fertilizer around the stem. That explains why the leaves are wilting. I've also just discovered that it's a climbing plant.

Err I'm human LOL! Happy is the terrier dog LOL! She would not be here asking you about gardening tips for sure, more of how to get her paws on my plants LOL.

DrRakesh Kumar said...

I am also gardening ladyfingers in pot. Please suggest from your experience what to do and what not to do for best results. Thanks


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