Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dragonfly & Costus

The Costus plant that I bought from Sg. Buluh a few months ago has grown beautifully and produced some blooms. I was so delighted to see a little dragonfly dancing on one of the bloom.

Without hesitation, I rushed into the house and grabbed my ever-ready camera for such special occasion. Lucky for me that this little visitor stayed on and posed, allowing me to take as many shots as I like.

Oh, you don't know happy I was to have such obedient model to pose for me. Usually I am made to chase after the insects in my garden in order to capture their photos for this blog. They would never stay still. It's already a challenge for an amateur photography enthusiast like me to capture sharp shots! But those insects, they would flit, float and fly in order to throw more challenges into my direction. However, when the photos of the insects turned out beautifully, those chasing arounds were really worthwhile! Just like those photos that I got below for you!

Here are the photos of the beautiful dragonfly against my vibrant-coloured Costus bloom.


Muhammad khabbab said...

wow what a beautiful post. you have covered all the angles. pretty shot!!!

Stephanie said...

Great photos JC! I love all the shots you have taken. Are you a profesional photography?

June Art Studio said...

Hi JC,

Nice focus on this dragonfly. I've seen some at the garden outside my studio.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

JC... the red bud looks very provocative... No wonder the dragon hugs and holds tight!!... Cheers, ~bangchik

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Thanks JC for putting "my little vegetable garden" blog in your favourite list with Blotanical... ~bangchik

J.C. said...

Thanks all for your delightful comments.

Dear Stephanie, no I am not a professional photographer. I love photography since my mom bought me a Kodak camera when I was 9. Since then, I always have my camera with me wherever I go.'s like a die-hard habit and all my friends are aware of it!

Dear Bangchik, you are welcome. Your blog deserves it! :p

Elsie Xie said...

I'm amazed at your very clear shots of the dragonfly. I don't seem to be able to shoot any since they are always flitting about which is so exasperating! Tell me, did you lure it with honey?


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