Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thai Basil Rooting

My 2 pots of Thai & Lemon basil that I have earlier blogged about had died on me!! I don't know why basils under my care just don't survive long. I have attempted to grow basil many times. These 2 pots are the ones that lasted longest.

I don't even prune them for fear of killing them. But now I realize that may be my mistake. They were growing lushly and I couldn't consume them fast enough. Due to the hot weather, the leaves gradually browned and at the end what was left in the pot were dried stems. My heart breaks into pieces as I see they get sick from day to day. I was so helpless. I don't know what I could do to make them survive. It really pained me to see their lives finally came to an end.

That's the frustrating part of gardening ~ when my plants fall sick, I can't go to a doctor and get them some healing potion for cure. The same happened to my Gardenia. Just by looking at its yellowish leaves, I knew it was sick. But I didn't know what to do to improve its condition. Eventually, all its leaves dropped off and all its branches dried up!!! I almost cried coz I love that pot of Gardenia.

Recently, I bought some basil from the Kakak in SS15 market and after taking the leaves I kept the stem. I have seen Blur Ting placed her lemon grass in a vase with some water in her posting on Lemon Grass and they rooted. Thus, I tried the same by putting the remaining basil stems into some water.

Guess what? After 2 days, some of the stems showed sign of rooting.

I have placed all the stems with roots into soil and cross my fingers that they will grow well.


Stephanie said...

JC, some of my plants are not doing well too. I think the unexpected weather of really hot and then suddenly rain might be the cause. Thank goodness those stems rooted. Plant again and see them grow again!

Autumn Belle said...

JC, I do understand how you must have felt when some plants started dying. This plant death thing is unavoidable, I guess. I just bought a purple flower lantana looking plant from a nursery in Klang. It only survived for 2 weeks before it completely died off. No more leaves, only stubs left behind on the container. I didn't even have the chance to photograph the flowers yet. Nursery owner said I should have fertilize it more often. Ha?


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