Monday, August 17, 2009

Botanical Garden in Putrajaya

Do you know that there are 3 major gardens in Putrajaya, i.e. Botanical Garden (Taman Botani), Agricultural Heritage Park (Taman Warisan Pertanian) and lastly Wetland (Taman Wetland)?

During our visit to Floria Fest 2009 in Putrajaya, we took the opportunity to explore the Putrajaya's Botanical Garden that is located in Precint 2 and had a brief stop at the Wetland too.

BangChik & KakDah, if you are reading this, I am truly envious of all the beautiful gardens you have at your suburb! It's so wonderful to be living in a suburb surrounded by greens.

The Botanical Garden that we visited is HUGE! The completed area that is opened to public covers an area of 63 acres!! Yup, it's not possible to walk around such huge area. However, one can opt to take the tram (unfortunately it was under repair during our visit) or hire bicycle for some adventurous discovery of the garden.

An Overview of the Botanical Garden

The 5 Features of the Botanical Garden

The Garden features 5 key areas:
  1. Explorer's Trail (comprises of Canopy Bridge, Heliconea Trail &Vine Garden)
  2. Palm Hill
  3. Sun Garden (comprises of Sun Garden, Orchid Path & Floral Step)
  4. Floral Gardens (comprises of African Collection, Tropical African Collection, Bougainvillea Tunnel, Asia Pacific Collection & Ficus Shades)
  5. Lakeside (comprises of Hibiscus WalkPandanus Walk, Canna Walk & Fern Garden)
However, my friends and I were only able to cover the Explorer's Trail, even though we had spent over 2 hours there!!! Even my friend's mom whom we called, Aunt Claire, who celebrated her 71st birthday on the day of our visit, had a fun time walking around this huge park with the help of a walking stick.

At the Canopy Walk

Operation Hours

No entrance fee is charged for the Botanical Garden is you do your own tour.
Bicycles for Hire & Trams are available to bring visitors around this huge garden.

Different kinds of bicycles catering to children, adult & family are available for hire.

The beautiful tiles featuring leaves of various plants are found at the entrance to the Botanical Garden.

A scene taken from the Canopy Walk

We will definitely return to the Botanical Garden to cover the other areas that we have not ventured. Another garden that I am very keen to check out is the Shah Alam Agricultural Park. Heard from fellow photography enthusiasts in our community's forum,, that this park features many photography opportunities.

Come, let's visit our local parks!!


FJL said...

pheww wish I could visit that Canopy Walk, its really is breathtaking..

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Tell you the truth..., we have not covered all yet....
beautiful place i agree with you..

islandgal246 said...

I could spend all week there visiting. Now you are tempting me to visit your country,

J.C. said...

Ha ha ...Islandgal246, you are always welcome to visit Malaysia. There are lotsa tropical plants, sandy white beaches and good food available here.

J.C. said...

BangChik, KakDah, the next trip to Botanical Garden, I will try to take the tram but I will go at a leisure pace so that I can enjoy the place well.

Betty and Ling Shing said...

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Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, this is a beautiful park! My family goes to the various parks in Putrajaya for cycling and picnic almost every weekend!

Seng Weay Chorng said...

good stuff!


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