Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pegaga as Cure for Dengue

When I had dengue fever, my friend Chooi, gave me this pegaga plant to be eaten raw. This pegaga is different from the aquatic pegaga that we plant in our garden for ornamental purpose. In Cantonese, it is callee 'pou tei kam'. It is believed that this pegaga helped to cool down the body when a dengue fever patient consumes it. Amazingly, it helps because my platelet level began to increase after taking it.

The aquatic pegaga has bigger leaf. If I am not mistaken, it can be eaten raw as salad (or 'ulam' in Malay language).


Boo said...

hey nice to meet you..accidently found your blog by google-ing..when i was searching info for brinjal and cabbage gardening..i went to the Hari Organik yday and bought some seeds..but i dunno how to start..any ideas..? info from the internet dont seem to be they mentioned cabbage is plant in acidic wut are the compositions to be considered as acidic..?

FJL said...

ohhh what nice different pegaga, the one that grows wild near my house is rounder and corrugated and doesnt have that love look alike curve on the top -first pic- Sometimes we just have to go back to nature to heal sicknesses..

J.C. said...

Hi Boo, very sorry I am still very new with the technical aspects of gardening. Most of the time it is trial and error.

Try going to Gardening with Wilson ( and his blog can provide more info on the technical aspects of gardening.

As I know, adding organic fertilizer will add acidity to the soil. My mom planted cabbage in a pot and just with goat dung fertilizer, she was able to harvest nice, big cabbage. Why not just give it a try?

J.C. said...

Hi FJL, nice to see you back in action in blogger world again!

petunialee said...

I love pegaga.

Fatimah Bt Tony said...

hi admin,

i love ulam pegaga.


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