Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yang Mama's Garden

On my birthday, I went over to fetch Yang Mama in Shah Alam to join me for lunch dana (offering) to the monks in Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. After the dana, I sent her home and she invited us to her house. I always love hanging out in her garden and taking photos of her plants.

Here are the photos of her garden and it gives me great pleasure to share with you the fruits of the dedication from another fellow gardening enthusiast.

To get a shady spot for her pitcher plant, Yang Mama hides this pot below her taller plants. Below the pitcher plant is a pot of plant with attractive foliage.
I am not certain what it is called.

This is Yang Mama with her pot of unhealthy, dried-up pitcher plant.
She is trying to revive this plant and hope it will survive.

I was told that this crimson flower is used for wedding in Hong Kong. The bride would place this flower on her hair and the groom will pin it to their shirt. The leaf can be used for bathing, similar to the use of pomelo leaf by Chinese. Chinese uses pomelo leaf to bath in order to wash away bad omen/luck.

Aquatic plants such as lotus and water lily are also found in Yang Mama's garden.
Alas, they are not blooming during this visit. Usually I will find big lotus flower or purple water lily in her garden.

Here's Yang Mama posing next to her Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia).
This plant is poisonous if the sap from the trunk is accidentally eaten ~ a common accident that happens to animals or children.

An uncommon Adenium in pink & white with streaks of red.

A white Adenium

The neatly-pruned bonsai and well-arranged spot near the gate to her house.
This section is for her plants that need direct sunlight.

This shady section is where her snake plant (also known as Mother-in-laws tongue or Sansevieria) and Dracaena that boasts a beautiful yellow-beige outline. Can someone tell me name of the plant with the dark maroon, butterfly-like leaves?

A healthy pot of begonia sp. hanging beside a pot of pitcher plant at the front porch. These plants need shades to grow well. The pitcher plant was a bit dried up due to lack of water. I love the patterns and colours of the begonia plant.


Autumn Belle said...

JC, Yang Mama is one fine lady and great gardener. Your photography skills are getting better and better by the day. Happy belated birthday too. I guess all these are heaven's blessings. I read about the dana your performed. I also did a lunch dana imo my mum and dad at Buddhist Vihara, Brickfields last year. I contributed a robe to a monk. It was a happy and wonderful feeling. Actually I'm a Taoist, so my Buddhism knowledge is limited.

islandgal246 said...

Belated birthday greetings to you. Yang Mama has a beautiful garden and by the looks of it is kept busy watering all those plants in lovely pots. The red plant in the pot looks like an oxalis to me.

Stephanie said...

I like the aquatic plants that she has. The group of pots are very nicely put together. The adeniums are special too. I love both of them. Happy belated birthday JC!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Quite an array of plants Yang Mama has.... some are very familiar because we have them too. But that pitcher plant is a real treasure!

J.C. said...

Thanks all for the birthday greetings.

Fyi, Yang Mama is one person with a big, generous heart!!

Stanley said...

Never seen so many pitcher plants in one pot. They looks really adorable with their small sizes!

Blur Ting said...

She's a great gardener! Sorry, I can't help you with the plant names though I had grown them before in the past.

James Missier said...

My closest guess of the butterfly shaped plant is oxalis or purple shamrock
Do google (image) the name oxalis and see if that is the plant.

Sunita said...

Do you know what medium she had planted the pitcher plant in? I got a baby one and want to plant it out but I'm struggling a bit because I've never grown them before . Or even seen one being growneither!


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