Thursday, August 6, 2009

Putrajaya Flora & Fauna Festival 2009 (Part 2)

What are the things that I find interesting at the Putrajaya Flora & Fauna Festival 2009?

The Sime Darby 'Celebration of Colours' section is a must-visit. There are many unique flowering plants, for instance the hairy crab look-alike heliconia (see the flower shown below), costus, bromeliad, orchids and birds of paradise at that pavillion.

I bought a roselle plant for the price of RM7 (about USD2). I have been looking for this plant since I read about it at Blur Ting's Growing Vegetable with Ms. Green Fingers and Bang Chik & Kak Dah's My Little Vegetable Garden blog. After visiting the Agro-Ornamental Pavillion, I ended buying bittergourd, cucumber, cabbage and long bean seeds from the same booth. Thee healthy vegetables at that pavillion inspired me to try out vegetable planting. All the seeds were purchased at RM1 per packet.

There are many stalls selling orchids, fruit trees and herbs. Stephanie of Steph's Green Space has asked if there are any sales booth there. Ha ha...there are many! Just bring enough cash when you go there! Shop till you drop or till you broke! Mine is usually the latter! *wink* *wink*

Orchid booth

Herbs booth

Fruit trees booth

I love this magazine booth. I get past copies of gardening magazines at a hugely discounted price!!! These girls are also very friendly. I even told them about the community of gardening bloggers! I wonder if they would offer gardening activities to fellow gardening enthusiasts?

Local fruit booth by FAMA sells my favourite seasonal fruits such as rambutan, dukong, chempedak, mangosteen and durian! The rambutan was priced at RM1.50 per kg!! Gosh, that was the cheapest in town. The other fruits are also cheaply priced except for durian, that was RM8 per kg.

The Agro-Ornamental pavillion is like an edible garden, where every plants displayed here are edible. There are vegetables, fruit trees and herbs. There is a stage set up for cooking demonstration. The purpose of the demonstration is to show visitors how to cook interesting recipes out of the plants in this section. During our visit, we get to taste mint fried rice and that was really good. According to the chef, this recipe is very popular in Mexico.

Entrance to Agro-Ornamental Pavillion

Cooking Demonstration

Tomatoes hanging from stems, surrounded by cucumber with yellow flowers and bittergourd plants . In the background, there are cabbages and pineapple plants.

After visiting this exhibition, I am looking forward to more flora and fauna festival!! It has been fun and I may go for another visit so that I could take a hot air balloon ride there. According to Bang Chik & Kak Dah, it's only RM10 per ride!

Come, let's visit Putrajaya Flora & Fauna Festival 2009!!!


islandgal246 said...

JC well done for an informative coverage of this show. I will peruse this post until my eyes droop with fatigue. There is so much information to absorb. Thank you for the beautiful photos and information.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the good information. You bought lots of magazines? For the balloon ride... hmm... I have height phobia so may not try. But Bangchik is right, got to take in the morning. Just so wonderful to see this event happening here. I do wish that it is held nearer to PJ or KL he he... (sorry Bangchik). The stalls selling fruit and plants look good too... bought any? Happy gardening JC!

Blur Ting said...

Wah, this looks like the best place for gardeners like us! How I wish I were there too. And RM7 for the roselle is a good buy. I would shop until I drop!

Autumn Belle said...

JC, you have done a very good job covering Floria 2009. The photos are very sharp, well taken and very colourful. This post is also very informative. Now, I really want to go there, no matter what. How I wish there are floral shows like this every month.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I remember that young lady, because kakdah bought few old magazines from her.....

Stanley said...

Woah that is a LOT of plants! Must've been fun photographing them.

Autumn Belle said...

JC, can you tell me how to put a link to your post or your webpage in my new post? I'm sorry to trouble you because I am very IT unsavy. Thank you in advance. Have a nice weekend.

J.C. said...

Autumn Belle, we are here to share ~ not only gardening tips but also blogging. So don't worry about not being IT savvy. We are here to learn from one another.

With regards to your question on how to post a weblink on your blog, pls follow enclosed instructions.

1) Go to the "Dashboard" page on your blog. This is the page you see when you want log in to Blogspot.

2) Click on "Layout".

3) On the right, click on "Add A Gadget" button and that will launch a new page.

4) Click on "Link List - Add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages."

5) On the tab "New Site URL" by going to the website (e.g.: copy down the address and paste it here.

6) On the tab "New Site Name", you can add the name of the website that you have added: e.g. JC's Sunny Happy Garden.

7) Lastly click on "Add Link".

8) You can continue to add more list.

9) From the "Sorting" tab, you have the option to sort out your list either Alphabetical or Reverse Alphabetical or just ignore it.

Give it a try and if you need further help, pop me a note! Cheers!

J.C. said...

Steph, I bought some magazine. Tha Laman Asia at RM5 for 4 copies are really great bargain. I found some really interesting articles in them. Wish I have bought more.

Went to Floria again on Fri with the hope of catching the Hot Air Balloon Ride. Alas, it is only available from 6pm - 9pm!!! Duh!! How frustrating. So I missed it. At RM10 per ride, it's such a great opportunity! My friend said she paid RM400 to ride the hot air balloon while visiting Capadoccia, Turkey! RM400 vs RM10!!!

Autumn Belle said...

JC, thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I have now successfully made a link to your post on my Floria 2009 post on 8 Aug 09. Cheers!

Sankri said...

You must have had a fantastic time in the festival. Sorry to ask, but is the festival over??, I could I have missed it :-(

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Fantastic post on this event! Love the glorious pics and the atmosphere. Sad to say, I missed it.

J.C. said...

Sankri & Keats The Sunshine Girl, regretfully the floria festival was over on last Sunday. It ran for 2 weeks. Under our existing hot weather, the flowers will have a tough time lasting more than these 2 weeks. Thus, it's difficult for the organizer to continue the festival unless they are willing to spend more to replace the flowers with fresh ones. That'd be magnifique!

Talena said...

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