Saturday, August 7, 2010

Germinating Radish Seeds

After my first success in growing radish, I decided to grow it again. I used the same method of germinating radish that I did previously as the success rate was high. Compared to sowing seeds in soil, this method is simple and easy for me to follow the progress of the seeds.

Day 1 - Placed radish seeds in a container of water overnight.

Day 2 - Some seeds had germinated after soaking overnight (as seen in the photo below). Amzingly fast, huh?

Day 2 - Transfer all the seeds to a piece of moist paper kitchen towel. Place the kitchen towel in a container and keep it covered. Ensure the towel is constantly moist. Sprinkle or spray some water on the kitchen towel if you find it dried up.

Day 3 - some seeds have sprouted. All seeds germinated. Shells from the seeds remained.
All it took was 3 days!!! Isn't this fast? And 100% germination.
Saw some mouldy, cottony stuff on some seeds. Suspect they are fungus.
I washed them off with water and continue to keep them in the container.
After 4 leaves appear, I will then transplant them into soil.
Will update all of you further when I transplant the radish seedlings onto soil.


Bangchik said...

Science teachers always mention about water and air as the requirement for germination. They never mention about soil.... you are right. Will soaking technique be useful for all type of seeds?

AaronVFT said...

Yah, germinating byblis (a carnivorous plant) seeds uses a similar method, but by dissolving the seeds with bleach first.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tips! I look forward to reading your next post.

Btw, these look like bean sprout. I feel like eating them he he...

J.C. said...

Hi Bangchik, Soaking doesn't work for all seeds. The seeds that I have germinated successfully with soaking are Adenium, radish and kangkung. It didn't work for Marigold. I tried this method to find out which one works. At the same time, it also helps me to increase the success rate of germination for those seeds that work.

Hi Steph, you are right, it looks like bean sprout. Do you know that those who go for organic food are now into eating sprouts. They grow their own pea sprout and many other kind of sprouts. They grow them just like what I did in getting the seeds to sprout.

One said...

Hi JC, Admire your patience for conducting all the experiments. Will be glad to know the results. I usually throw my seeds in the soil. Some get eaten by birds and snails. Those that sprout get trod by my dogs. Happy Gardening!


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