Friday, August 13, 2010

A Herb by Any Other Name....

Daun kesum or Daun Laksa or Vietnamese Mint or Polygonum are the variety of names used for this herb. Regardless of what name it uses, I can't have my Assam Fish or Laksa without this fragrant herb. It enhances the flavour of the dish.

Three days ago, I bought some daun kesum for cooking the Assam Fish dish. My next door neighbour, has a pot of healthy daun kesum. She told me to pluck them as and when I need them. However, that day when I called her from my backyard, she couldn't hear me. I wanted to ask her for some daun kesum. Since I have just moved to this neighbourhood recently, I am a bit uncomfortable to call out too loud and also in case I awaken her from her nap. Alas, I got some daun kesum from the mini market nearby.

I kept some of the stems from the daun kesum and placed them in a cup of water. After 3 days, some roots have grown from the nodes of the stems. Today I placed 3 stems into the soil to grow. From the internet, I learnt that daun kesum needs plenty of sunlight and it is best to keep the soil moist at all time. Organik fertilizer can be added fortnightly. With good care and enough water, I would see shoots growing in a week. Wow, I am looking forward to that!


Bangchik said...

When roots come out that long and many, there is no problem for daun kesum to grow... ~bangchik

p3chandan said...

They are easy to grow but have to keep the soil moist. Mine has gone dry months before, so have to get new ones soon cos I love my Assam Fish too!

Stephanie said...

Wow JC, you are really good with herb plants. Yeah I like this leaf in assam laksa... oops... my mouth is watering already he he... Next time, you don't even have to knock on your neighbour's door. You will have plenty right at your doorstep. I am sure!

J.C. said...


I hope these stems will grow healthily.

Thanks for the tips on keeping the soil moist. Will keep that in mind coz a previous pot of daun kesum that I bought didn't survive well under my care.

I am testing water with growing this. Hope I will have abundant of them in my garden. Then it won't be a problem whenever I need to cook Assam Pedas.

Malar said...

It's so easy to grow daun kesum? Next time you don't have to call your neighbour anymore!!Kesum for assam fish...Yummy!

Blur Ting said...

Oh, good idea to root them. I recently bought a pot too and I use the leaves for my laksa lemak. I transplanted that pot into 2 separate ones. Now I have 2!


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