Sunday, August 8, 2010

Seed Pod & More Growth

My Adenium plant is growing a seedpod!! Yahooooooooooo! It's once in a while phenomenon and I am thrilled to experience it again. Going to sow seeds of this Adenium and use the tips that my friend Roxanne uses to grow big caudex on her young Adenium plants.

For your info, my success rate in growing Adenium from seeds is only 10-30%. It's really low, right? This plant that you see here was grown from a seed. A young Adenium seedling need a lot of care. Too much water, its roots rot. Too little water, it shrivelled up, dried and died. Nevertheless, I continue to grow Adenium as their beautiful blooms and caudex bring me lotsa joy.

This is another plant that I have grown from seed. After seeing Roxanne's success in growing Adenium with big caudex (root), I decided to follow her method. Prune off the stem when the plant is young. In fact, she pruned her plant when 4 leaves appear. As such, the nutrient will all be channelled to the root. Thus, the root will bulk up. Otherwise, the Adenium will grow to have unattractive thin, long stalk.

This Adenium grows its leaves in about 2 weeks after pruning. I think this is due to the regular rain that we get recently. It is usually advised not to prune Adenium during rainy season as the rain may cause the cut stem to rot. Thus, I have kept my Adenium under shade when it rains and bring it out again when the sun is brightly-shining. Cross my fingers, hope the caudex will grow big.


AaronVFT said...

Wow! Such nice seedpods. I like the black red adenium variety more, but this pink one is beautiful too.

kitchen flavours said...

My hubby loves this plant, but our plant died which I think from too much water! Your friend Roxanne's adeniums are indeed beautiful.

I have left a reply regarding the gerberas on my post. Please do check it out when you are free.

Bangchik said...

It must have been years since the last time I keep adenium. Seed pod is special because it gives the plant a very matured look with a pair of lovely horns.... Your pruned plant seems to be doing ok, healing and growing.... ~bangchik

Malar said...

Adenium Seed pod? I never seen this before!

I have a pot of Adenium. Just started flowering after a year! That's because i wrongly kept it in shade when all this plant need was sunshine!

J.C. said...

Thanks for all your comment.

Kitchen Flavour, I will check out your blog to find out how to care and tend to Gerberas.

Malar, Adenium needs lotsa direct sun for it to grow well and little watering. It originates from the dessert, thus the name Dessert Rose. Too much of watering will lead to root rot. So be careful when you water your plant. Feed it with goat dung fortnightly and you will get regular blooms.

PistachioQ said...

Hi J.C, check with you. I have bought a new pot of fresh Adenium from nursery and the leaves turns yellow simultaneously, why is that so? Any idea what happened and how can I save my plant?


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