Friday, July 30, 2010

My 1st Radish Harvest

My sister said if I were to grow vegetable for my own sustainance, I would be dying of hunger!! Why?

The yield that I get from my garden is sooooooooo miserable! Ha ha!!! But I don't think it's the yield that matters. The whole process of germinating seeds, watering & fertilizing the plants, watching with delight as they grow bigger and taller, eventually bearing fruits are filled with fun! It would need a fellow gardening enthusiast, like you and me, to understand what the feeling is right!

See the stages that I went through to grow radish till I was able to enjoy the fruit of my labour!

Out of the many radish plants that I have, only one radish tuber of sufficient size was harvested yesterday. I pulled up some of the plants as they don't show much sign of tuber growing from it. See the lush leaves of the radish in the pot above. One would expect to see lotsa radishes growing beneath the soil. Alas, that wasn't the case! Did I overcrowded this fellas till they don't have enough space to grow?

Although the radish tuber is still small, I decided to harvest it after reading on the internet that radish tuber needs to grow fast and have sufficient water. Otherwise, you will end up with a fibrous radish that may be inedible. So, I would rather opt for a small tuber than an inedible one.

I was so proud of my little harvest here!! It took a lot of tender, loving, care for the seeds to reach this stage!!

A plant with no tuber growing. What happened???

I decided to make my favourite radish & carrot pickle that evening. Fresh radish for dinner!

Although it's just a tiny radish, I am not giving up! I will start to germinate the remaining radish seeds again.
Happy gardening my fellow friends out there!


p3chandan said...

I know nothing abt growing radish but I love your radish/carrot pickel, would like to try that sometimes...thanks

Bangchik said...

The white radish look as good as those bought from the market. Congratulations! When sliced they look like "ubi sengkuang", or Pachyrhizus erosus or Beng kwong or jicama .. ~bangchik

James Missier said...

So interesting.
I wonder if you would able to replant back those without the tubers and add some good fertiliser?
Probably you could save time regrowing from seed all over again?
Or is this the only way?

kitchen flavours said...

Congratulations on your harvest! I know how that feels! he! he! Really extra delicious biting into your own harvest. I have to get some seeds and start planting radish too!

Malar said...

That's good harvest of Radish! Your radish dish looks yummy too!

Blur Ting said...

I agree, it is the joy of harvesting your own produce, doesn't matter if it is very little!

AaronVFT said...

YUM! Love radish soup and 'popiah'!


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