Monday, August 30, 2010

Am I Alone in This?

I have been away from my garden for 3 days. Now I wonder how my plants are doing. Can the radish seedlings survive the heat? Will it be raining in Subang Jaya, just like what we have in Melaka for the last 2 nights? Will my vegetables seeds be sprouting by the time I arrive home on Tues?

Is anyone of you out there like me? I mean worrying about your plants or the weather when you are away? I was so worried that I may not be able to find someone to help me water my plants when we will be away from home for 5 days. In the current heat that we are experiencing, we need to water the plants twice a day. So what am I to do if I am away for so many days?

Fortunately I brought this matter up to my close friend, Poh, who always helped me to water my plants when I am away. Unfortunately, this weekend, she is heading home to Johor Bahru, thus she can't help me. Poh brilliantly suggested another friend of ours, Krishna, who live on the same row of house as me. Fortunately, Krishna, said yes when I called her early Friday morning before I started my journey home to Melaka. Thanks Krishna for your helping hand, friend! You have helped me a lot!


Malar said...

You have good neighbours! Stop worrying and enjoy your holiday!

Stephanie said...

JC, I do... when I am away, I keep thinking about my plants even when I have arranged someone to help water. In the end it was always just worry... when I reach home, most of the time... all plants are in good order :-D I usually group the plants with same water requirement together so that it will be easier for my friend to know how much to water. In any case, I hope all your precious seedlings will survive :-) Have a great week!

James Missier said...

I had too much worry when I go for holidays until I had switched to hardy plants. To date, I noticed most of my plants can survive without watering about 3 - 4 days.
And those of the sensitive ones are in shade. Again, I really hope that it rains occasionally during the absence and so, my garden get watered at least once during that duration.
Good to know that you have good neighbours to help you around.

AaronVFT said...

I guess I worry the most. Carnivorous plants don't really take stress easily. I remeber when my family went to Genting right after a trip to S. Buloh! The passiflora etc were left in the car for a whole night, and I constantly worried that they may die from stress lol.

J.C. said...

Oh, great, thanks to all of you. Now I know I am not alone worrying about my plants after all.

I hope my friend Krishna didn't get overburdened with my garden as her son & daughter-in-law from Australia are visiting her during this week.

Bangchik said...

It is alright to leave house for a couple of days. The other day we were away for a weekend leaving watering chores to the second son. He said he did water everyday, but we saw a few plants yellowing, one or two dried. Oh well.... haha.

One said...

Hahaha! It rained today! Be happy! Apart from impermanence which you blogged about the other day, we also need to learn detachment. Cakap senang. :)

J.C. said...

Hi One, you are right, detachment ~ another important thing to practice!! Very susah to practise! Ha ha..especially when I have given so much care to the plants, it hurts to see them die.


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