Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kangkung Sprouting!!!

We, fellow Malaccans, always claim that our Nasi Lemak Bungkus tastes better as we have kangkung (also known as water convolvulus or water spinach) in it. Only in the state of Melaka that I found kangkung is added into Nasi Lemak.

Kangkung stir-fry in sambal belacan is also one of my favourite dishes. Yum....yum.....
I still remember during our trip to Manado and Bunaken Island in Sulawesi, Indonesia, blanched kangkung is always served as a side dish with some chilli condiment. But the kangkung that we ate in Sulawesi are mainly grown in water. The stems are very tender and bigger.

Since I love kangkung, why not grow some in my garden? I would love to but I didn't know how. It was my neighbour, Aunt Thoong, who told me that she has grown some kangkung from roots. The kangkung roots were obtained from the kangkung that she bought from the market. Just plant the roots into soil and they grow easily. Aunt Thoong's experience triggered the interest in me to grow this plant.

In July during my visit to CETDEM's Organik Day event, I found Kangkung seeds for sale. Recently I sowed some of the kangkung seeds. Growing it is as easy as ABC.

Firstly, I sowed the kangkung seeds in a container of water overnight.

The next day, some of the seeds have sprouted.

Sowed them in soil on the same day.

On the 4th day, the seeds have germinated into seedlings. Really fast, huh?


Anonymous said...


petunialee said...

I love kang kung too!!

kitchen flavours said...

Hey JC, are you from Malacca too? great! Have you tried the nasi lemak kukus from Ujung Pasir? It is really good. The rice beats any other nasi lemak I have ever eaten. You are right, we Malaccans love kangkung with nasi lemak! When I first ate nasi lemak in KL, there's NO KANGKUNG! Nasi lemak is not complete without the Kangkung! Kangkung used to be "a poor man's veggie", but not anymore!

Bangchik said...

There is a legend about Hang Tuah's trip to China. The royal chef asked how should kangkung be cooked. Hang Tuah wanted them long... no cut. By raising his head to eat long kangkung, he had the opportunity to see the face of the King of China. So kangkung is like ulamraja.... because they have been served in Palace.


Malar said...

Kangkung with nasi lemak? That's new for me! Soon you can eat your nasi lemak with home grown kangkung!

J.C. said...

It's great that most of you love kangkung too.

Kitchen Flavours, you are orang Melaka too? I have not tried to Nasi Lemak Kukus Ujung Pasir yet. Heard of it but never been there. On my next trip I will check it out. It's the shop located across the junction leading to Portuguese Settlement, right?

kitchen flavours said...

Hi JC, Yup, that's the shop. The sambal is a bit sweet for me though, if you like sweet sambal then you will enjoy it, I like salty and hot sambal! But the rice is really good. And you should try the mee rebus there too. I have been eating from this same pakcik's stall (who used to go around in his tricylce, now, taken over by his son) since I was a very young schoolgirl, which is like more than 30 years ago! The mee rebus is unlike any I have ever eaten! Fantastic! Let me know if you tried them! Enjoy!

Blur Ting said...

Oh, you're from Malacca? It's not too far away. I shall visit you one day!

Yah, kang kong is just about the easiest vegetable to grow.

J.C. said...

Hi Kitchen Flavours,

I will be going back to Melaka during the Merdeka weekend. Will have some friends with me. Then we can go check out the Nasi Lemak Kukus and Mee Rebus! Will let you know our feedback. I can't wait to go home! Yahooo!

Hi Ting,

I am living and working in Klang Valley now. My hometown is in Melaka so we go back often as it's only a short drive home. You are welcome to visit me whenever you are in KL. Even if you come down to Melaka, in case I am back there too, give me a buzz ahead and we can meet up.


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