Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why I Started a Gardening Blog?

Like my mom, I love gardening. I have been gardening and everytime when I am faced with problems such as stunted growth, pests attack, tips to improve my plants, I tend to be at a lost. This was until I stumbled upon some gardening blogs by fellow Malaysians yesterday. The blogs have inspired me to start my own blog on gardening. This will encourage me to improve my gardening knowledge and at the same time, share with others photos of plants growing in my garden. I also plan to post articles on gardening that I have collected over the years.

To kickstart this blog, I am glad to share this article that I have written about my garden to our local New Straits Times press when it used to have a column on gardening. This is an article on how my garden was started. Hope you enjoy reading!


FJL said...

Looking at the greens soothing the stress mind. My blog was created when stumbling like you with other gardening blogs in the globe. Its fun to share info about gardening. Looking forward to your lucky next plant to be featured here :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Hi.... Blog on! ... There is alot to share, I am sure.. ~ bangchik

Tatyana said...

Hello and thank you for visiting MySecretGarden and leaving a comment. Your little rock garden looks very lovely on the picture above. I bet it changed a lot since 2000 and hope you will share its pictures with us! Happy gardening and blogging!

Anonymous said...



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