Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kayangan Sumeru - A Paradise For Me

Photo #1: Don't know the name of this plant

Photo #2: Same plant as #1

Photo #3: Don't know the name of this plant
My friend has given me a young shoot of this plant. Hope I would be able to grow it successfully.

Photo #4: Don't know the name of this plant

Photo #5: Same as plant #4

Photo #6: The only one that I can name: Bromeliad

Photo #7: The red variety of Bromeliad

Visiting Kayangan gives me a lot of joy, in terms of photography opportunities and gardening. Last Saturday, some friends and I volunteered to clean up the Bamboo Grove in Kayangan. I will never forget to bring my camera whenever we visit Kayangan.

Kayangan is a retreat centre for meditation, developed by someone whom we became friends with due to our mutual interest in Buddhism. This friend of ours has personally taken up the gigantic task of developing the 7 acres of land located within a palm oil plantation into a meditation retreat centre and old folks home.

The plants that I featured in today's posting were all photographed in Kayangan on last Saturday. I do not know the name of many plants there. If you know the name of the plants, please leave your comments. I would love to learn more about the plants from you.

More photos of Kayangan can be viewed at my photoblog: Subang Jaya Daily Photo


Sue Swift said...

For Photo 4 I'd go for Dipladenia - though I've never seen a yellow one and the leaves aren't the same as the ones I know, so don't bank on it.

RainGardener said...

Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed seeing them.

Anonymous said...

The flowers you photographed are incredibly beautiful. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to visit the garden in person one day. Cheers!

FJL said...

No4 is Alamanda or Golden Trumpet aka bunga loceng. I have this in my plot..:)

Blur Ting said...

Gorgeous! I have #3 at home.I don't know the name as well. FJL is right. #4 is alamanda.

J.C. said...

Thanks FJL & Blur Ting for confirming the name of the yellow flower for me.

Citydiggity, Kayangan Sumeru is indeed a paradise for avid gardener.

Blur Ting, I am so glad that I got a small shoot of #3 home from Kayangan Sumeru. Hopefully I would get lotsa blooms. I love those blooms. If not mistaken, this plant grows well under bright sunshine.


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