Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bunga Jasmin (Fragrant Blooms Series)

Generally known as Jasmine or Bunga Jasmin, the Jasminum SP is another scented plant that I love. I have a pot of it and placed it on the path that leads from my gate to the main entrance of my house. Similar to Bunga Kerak Nasi, the bunga jasmin exude a nice smell in the evening. Thus, it is nice to return home and be greeted by the fragrant of the jasmine flower in the evening.

I like to offer this flower and the Bunga Kerak Nasi to the Buddha on my altar.


FJL said...

Bunga Melur is a sweet nice smelling flower. Sometimes used as one of the many flowers for mandi bunga :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I like the flower.... but I like the shining leaves as well.... spectacular! ... But what is "mandi bunga" mentioned by FJL?... cheers ~ bangchik

J.C. said...

'Mandi Bunga' (Bathing with flowers) means adding flowers that have been offered for prayers to one's bath water. When offering the flowers to the God or Goddess, one must recite one's wishes during the prayers.

The water and flowers (taken after the prayers) are believed to bring good blessings to one. It is believed that one who is seeking for a life partner will have better luck after performing the bath with the flowers. Another belief is the bath will cast away bad luck.


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