Friday, April 17, 2009


After taking up gardening for almost 10 years, it was only much later that I understand the components in my fertilizers.

Usually, I would just go to the nursery and ask for fertilizers to stimulate foliage or flowers growth. It was only by reading one of the articles in the Haven magazine issue Aug/Sept 2003, written by Landscape Architect, Nicole Van Den Steenhoven of Bukit Kiara Properties, that I got to know what are the components to look for when purchasing fertilizers.

According to Nicole:

  • Although most organic fertilisers are sufficient for flowering plants, consider adding the NPKMg compound fertiliser to stimulate flowering. Generally, inorganic or artificial fertilisers like NPKMg contain N (nitrogen for foliage growth), P (phosphorus for root development and enhancing the strength of the plant during its early stages of growth) and K (potassium for fruit and flower development).
  • When choosing flowering/fruit inducing fertilisers, go for those with a high percentage of K. Fertilisers with a high percentage of N or even NPK (15:15:15 ratio) encourage foliage and general growth while those with a higher percentage of P improve the strength of branches and help root development.
  • Check the label on your fertilisers for the recommended quantity to be used and frequency. Do not overfertilise your plants or they will have brittle branches or bad root development, making them vulnerable to being uprooted by strong winds.


Blur Ting said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Petunia's. You'll find me sneaking around more often from now on.

Stephanie said...

Hello! I have not been taking fertiliser seriously as I do not want my potted plants to grow so fast. But now I know that if I want my plants to flower, I shall look for one with more K. TQ for this great information :-)

Btw, thank you for joining my blog. I feel honoured. Nice to know you and happy gardening!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Hi JC... last year, we used NPK fertiliser a lot. Ordinary one like NPK 15 and the one for flowering and fruiting. This year we turn organic... haha ... The plant grow but I miss the quick response from plants with chemical fertiliser.

Good Info JC


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi, I came across your blog from a comment at Petunia's.. Thanks for the articles on fertilizing.. it is really helpful!


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