Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adenium (Fu Gui Hua)

Adenium bloom

Today's posting is on Fu Gui Hua or Adenium. Frankly, I only get to know of this plant's scientific name today, after some research on Google. As we always refer to this plant as Fu Gui Hua (meaning Flower of Prosperity), I never bothered to check out its formal name. Would anyone know what's the name of this plant in the Malay language?

Young Adenium shoot grown from seedlings.

Adeniums are happiest when they have sufficient warmth, sunlight and ventilation. This plant is very suitable for my house that faces east. I placed my Adeniums under the bright hot sun. They would bask, glow and bloom gloriously under the heat.

Last month my adeniums were attacked by caterpillars. You wouldn't believe how much of food those little greenies are able to consume overnite. Although I have grown adeniums for some years, my knowledge of maintaining them is very minimal. It was always through trial and error that I learnt how to manage my plants. I saw my adenium's partly-eaten leaves with brown edges and witness 3 healthy, lush, green adeniums turned into very sick-looking, browning trees. Looking at them made me heart-sick. Yet, I am no plant doctor and can't offer the cure.

Fortunately, my close friend, Roxanne, who also loves gardening and grows adeniums caught sight of my problem and alerted me on the caterpillars attack.

As the caterpillars were hiding on the underside of the leaves, they were not visible unless you check carefully. Rox showed me the culprits - fat, green caterpillars!!! They have infested my plants. The sign of them can easily be seen from the tiny, black, sphere faeces found all over the plants, according to Rox! However, by then, it was too late to do much. I was advised to prune the stems of the adeniums and let them re-grow with new shoots.

Thanks to the regular downpour in the evening and bright sunshine during the day. After a month, I have beautiful, healthy growing adeniums and one of them is blooming. See the photos below that show before and after the flowers bloom.

Photo above shows the Adenium with buds.

Photo above shows the Adenium when the flower blooms eight days later.

I am no expert on Adenium. Due to today's posting, I have surfed online and found more information on Adenium. I will post the information that I found tomorrow so we can learn more about Adenium together.


Stephanie said...

I like the blooms of this Desert Rose (I do not know the Malay name). It's amazing how the blooms can withstand the heat here. I have one in my garden. But I can see yours looks better :-)

FJL said...

J.c I think Adenium looks like Bunga Cempaka in Malay.

sy said...


congratulations for having such a beautiful garden. i love looking at the photos of your adeniums.

i have 2 pots of adeniums that only grow leaves but no flowers. it flowered once in late Feb but stopped ever since. can you advice what i should do?

maybe we can chat thru email?

J.C. said...

Dear sy,

Adenium needs to be fed with fertilizer regularly. Get the flowering fertilizer from any nursery or organic sheep dung fertilizer and feed your adenium every fortnight. You will see blooms very soon.

J.C. said...

Dear FJL,

Thanks for leaving yr comment here.

It has been awhile since you posted on your blog. I miss the news of your garden in Sabah. Looking forward to postings from you. Take care.

DIY Cozy Corner said...

JC, by the way do you know how to plant these fu gui hua until the root become so thick like the picture you've shows above?

Jamilah said...

Hi JC. We share a love for adeniums. Feel free to visit my page on Facebook by searching 'Adenium Labuan' and maybe we can share our love for this flower more.

You can also copy this link here if you cant find me.


Wishing you a sunny week ahead! :)

sally chee said...

Your adeniums are really lovely! How do you keep them so healthy?

Emmanuel Ong said...

These plants need time to reconditioned them self for sometime before they flower again...
Mine was the same...
But eventually they do flower.


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