Friday, September 18, 2009


The Putrajaya Botanical Garden has a beautiful section dedicated to Cannas. It is called the Canna Walk. In this section, one gets to see the garden fabulously landscaped with various colourful Canna and I found these description of Canna on the signage:

Cannas are native to Tropical America, where there are about 25 wild species. Canna generalis, commonly known as garden cannas, are hybrids that come in many different colours. Most cannas propagate by underground creeping stems (rhizomes), while others propagate by hard, bead-like seeds.

Cannas gained popularity as a garden plant in the mid-19th century, when the first hybrids were produced in France (1848). Since then, hundreds of hybrids displaying many shades of red, yellow, orange and pink flowers have been produced.

According to Professor R.E. Holttum in Gardening in the Lowlands of Malaya 1953): "There are very few plants in Malayan gardens that give really solid masses of colour... cannas are very important, as few other plants, whether herbaceous or woody, can compare with them in producing massed colour effects."


James Missier said...

Those canna are lovely but I suspect they are messy and they become dormant once flowered.

I guess they needed to be pruned and replanted to get their continious flowers?

maría cecilia said...

Hello, you have an incredible beautiful and wonderful tropical garden, and I can see your joy and love in gardening. It´s has been a pleasure looking through your blog. I live in southamerica in Chile and here we have another climate though we have lovely gardens too.
I´m following you so I can come back to see your new posts.
Thank you for sharing
María Cecilia

doc said...

i'm no botany buff but, believe it or not, i vaguely remember colouring a canna in a science workbook when i was in std 1!!

oh yes, i also coloured a cock's comb.


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