Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adenium Yahoo Group

My application to join the Adenium Yahoo Group was approved yesterday. The first mail I received is some tips on how to cultivate Adenium! Wow, that's really good tips. If you are keen to join this group, it is very simple. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to Yahoo (
2. Click on Groups (can be found on the left-hand panel).
3. On the search text box, 'Find a Yahoo! type ADENIUM.
4. When you found the group, click on the blue font 'Join this group'.

Voila! It's simple, isnt' it?

A hybrid Adenium from my friend, Yang Mama's garden.

As I post this blog, I am also praying for our friend, Pei Ping, who is in the maternity ward now, delivering her baby girl. Wish that both mother and baby will be safe. Waiting for the good news from the Dad, Chin Keat. The family of 3 will become 4 real soon. Little Zhe-Hern will be glad to have a little sis soon! Below is a photo of the bubbly Zhe-Hern.


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