Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Seeds Sown

What happened to the seeds that I have sowed recently? Some grew speedily (i.e. Sunflower, Water Convolvulus, Basil, Adenium), slowly (i.e. Marigold) and some showed no sign of sprouting at all (Coleus). And I have one seedling that I am not certain of its identity. It seemed like the capsicum that has sprouted...but I have doubts as I had earlier sowed Coleus seeds in that pot. Furthermore, the capsicum seeds in other pots have not sprouted yet. Cross my fingers...if it's the capsicum...ha wish has come true!


Water Convolvulus (Kangkung)




No clue


kitchen flavours said...

Wonderful seedlings! You will be busy harvesting in a few months time. The seedlings all look very healthy. As for the last one, it is too early to tell whether it is the capsicum. I have two small capsicum plants and it is growing ever slowly... zzzzz...!! Especially the chives, even worse... sigh!!! He! He!

AaronVFT said...

My seeds are even slower. Tacca and everlastings are so slow I don't think they'll ever grow. Nepenthes is slow too. But my bottle gourds and tomatoes have germinated.

p3chandan said...

I have new seeds growing too but I grow them all in one container and not labelling them, now cant remember what seedlings are those..haha!

Malar said...

Your seedling look good! Soon you will have many beautiful flowers around!

delcasmx said...

Great to see your seedlings growing!
I'm sure they will all do perfect
and hope you get that capsicum

Stephanie said...

Hi JC, I forgot a seed I soaked for a few days. The water all evaporated leaving the poor seed with a little root on the dried tray. Now I am hoping for the seed to grow in the soil... fingers crossed... I hope that's a capsicum and you will have lots of kangkung soon :-)

Bangchik said...

Kangkung looks alright, and the others too. Imagine "kangkung ikan masin...", huh, mouth watering. I stop growing new plants, getting ready to pack and go.

Wendy said...

sure looks exciting! You'll have lots to eat in the next few months, huh?

Autumn Belle said...

Your seedlings look good. Mine are suffering due to the bad weather. Once I forgot to bring put them under the shelter and they were damaged by heavy rain :(

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

All of the looking good. Hava you transplanted the sunflowers?


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