Monday, October 4, 2010

Gardening A Game

Malar of My Little Garden has invited me for "Gardening A Game". In this game, I am to list down "10 Things That I Love To Do" and then invite 10 other bloggers to join me in this game.

It took me quite a while to participate as I want to feature some photos for the 10 Things That I Love To Do. Some how I realized it takes quite sometime for me to go through my photo collections to do it. So I will use both photos and words in this game.

Here are the 10 Things That I Love to Do:

1) Visiting markets whenever I travel. I love to check out the food that the locals eat and also the market place. Probably it's because I love cooking and I grew up living next to a wet market. Some of the things that I saw at the markets during my travel:

2) Having a reading material with me wherever I go. I love reading. Or shall I say I dislike waiting at the traffic light or doctor's clinic without anything to do. So I always bring a book or magazine or newspaper in my handbag or car to keep me occupied when I am kept waiting.

3) Cooking for friends and family members is something that I love doing and I do it regularly. I love to try new recipes. Alas, sometimes my food may not turn out well. However, my friends from my cell group would not mind finishing the failed cakes or pies as they believe in being grateful for the time and effort put into preparing the food. I simply love cooking for them for this reason!

4) In this electronic mail days, I still enjoy writing letters and postcards to friends and family members. At the same time I also enjoy receiving letters and postcards in my mailbox. My family and friends would write to me as they know I prefer receiving mails than e-mails.

5) Taking photos wherever I go has become a die-hard habit. My mom gave me my first camera when I was 9 years old. Since then, I have been bringing my camera everywhere. School mates, colleagues, neighbours, family, friends ~ they all know of this habit of mine! Ha ha...

6) I love backpacking. In recent years I have done solo backpacking trips to Silk Road, Manila and Spain. That has given me the confidence that I am able to travel safely alone. Although many funny incidents have happened, but I have always been blessed and met many nice people through my journey.

7) Spending time with my nieces and nephews is something that I treasure very much. I usually plan outings or activities for them before I go back to my hometown. It can be going for morning walks at Tun Fatimah Park on Sunday, flying kites on Saturday evening, Melaka Riverside walk, museum visit, climb-up to St. Paul Hill, playing at Portuguese Settlement's playground, visiting the beach in Pantai Kundur or simply cookie-, cake- or pie-baking at home.

8) I enjoy working on activities with youths. I have been involved actively with Buddhist youths. Early this year I helped with organizing the ASEAN International Buddhist Youth Exchange programme. By participating in youth activities, I learnt how to interact and work successfully with the younger, energetic generation. As a result, I get regular dosage of new ideas, energy bursts and fun! At the same time, it helps me to continue learning and practising the Dharma (Buddha's Teachings).

9) Going home to Melaka is something that I enjoy doing on a monthly basis. I love spending time with my family members, helping out at home, catching up with each other, enjoying the delicious Melaka food with my nieces and nephews.

10) Of course, I can't miss this ~ I love gardening!! It may be weeding, watering, fertilizing or simply just talking and watching my plants. I love doing this in the cool hour of the morning. I love getting my nails dirty with soils and sweat dripping from my forehead, as long as I am out in the garden, among the greens and blooms.

Those are the 10 Things That I Love To Do! How about these 10 Bloggers that I would like to invite for this game:

1) Annie of Annie's Kitchen Garden
2) Callum of The London Vegetable Garden
3) Natarajan of My Balcony Garden
4) Helen of My Rustic Bajan Garden
5) Elsie of STileTTo
6) My Little Garden in Japan
7) Tatyana of My Secret Garden
8) Margaret of A Way To Garden
9) Aaron of Aaron's Gardening Blog
10) Chawanmushi of Gardening Dream Inspire

The rule of this game is to:
1) Inform who invite you
2) What are the 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 other bloggers

Have Fun! Waka, Waka!


milka said...

Very nice and interesting pictures! Enjoy reading your post :)

Bangchik said...

Nice to know a little bit more about you.. ~bangchik

kitchen flavours said...

Hi JC, Nice to know more about you. I certainly enjoyed reading this. Nice pictures. I sometimes go to the SKE temple in Malacca, is this the same Buddhist temple you go to? Are you by any chance Nyonya?? Wah, so many questions from me! Last one, have you tried the nasi lemak yet? He! He!

One said...

Very nice photos that go along with your post! Good to know more about you.

Autumn Belle said...

This is an excellent chance to know more about you. You are such an interesting and fun loving person, a good photographer too.

Elsie Xie said...

Interesting documentation of a piece of you. Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...

I did this one too. Gardening and kids seems to be a theme. Nice post.

Stephanie said...

Your apple pie and roasted chicken looks super delicious. Yum yum... you have great talents. Have a pleasant evening!

Ever Green Tree said...

Yeh, nice to know a little bit more abt you.... moreover we do have a lot of similarities as well :) i too love reading and often carry a book or a magazine as can't wait sitting (idle) like you :)

delcasmx said...

Thanks for inviting me!

Is nice to know more about the people who you read every day
I like to go to markets too, you learn a lot about the people and their culture at the market

Farmgirl Susan said...

Your list and your photos are wonderful! :)

Wendy said...

what a cute post! I love that photo with the shadows. The sate feast looks DELICIOUS. Your apple pie embarasses me b/c I just printed up some holiday cards with my (totally crappy) apple pie photo on it. Now I'm really regretful. That boa is crazy!!! THat's great that you love to work with kids. The program sounds interesting.

Blur Ting said...

I love your list! You even put photos :-)


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