Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sowing Seeds

Adenium Seeds

My Adenium seedpod has finally burst. So I collected some of the seeds and soaked them in a container of water for several hours. This is to expediate the germination of the seeds. I hope the seed would germinate.

Later, I intend to give away some of the Adenium seedlings as part of my "Pass It On" activity. Recently I have received some seeds from other bloggers. I would like to give something away too, either to other gardening bloggers or members of our residential forum.

Coleus Seeds

Bought a pack of Coleus seeds from Ace Hardware after seeing the multi-coloured foliage of Coleus on several blogs. I wonder how well the plant would grow from seeds. In addition, the seeds only cost me RM2...ha ha..that's a real bargain!

The seeds are so tiny...just like specks of dust. I was worried if I sneeze or laugh aloud, those seeds would be blown away! So I handled them very with extreme care.

Capsicum Seeds
Saw gardeners from temperate countries harvesting Capsicum and I am keen to harvest my own too. Before I can do that, I will need to sow some seeds first. I collected some seeds from a Capsicum that I used for a salad and dried them for several days. 3 of the seeds go into these pots. It's an experiment....cross my fingers....I hope they germinate! I am filled with anxiety when checking on these pots to see any sign of development.

So, what are you sowing in your garden?


p3chandan said...

Wow you have lots of babies coming up soon! Adenium seeds look so unusual..I planted my coleus by pinching the stems cos need to see them grow fast n furious!

kitchen flavours said...

You will be busy very soon when all the seeds starts to sprout! I sprouted the capsicum direct from the fruit and did not dry them. I have three baby plants now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because of my track record with chillies, any kind of chillies! Hope yours will sprout soon and grow well. I love capsicum and the aroma. I have tried to grow jalapeno peppers but no luck in sprouting them. Will try again, wanna give it a try? ^..^

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Good luck with the seeds. It is always a good bargain growing seeds where you will get plenty of seedlings with the same price as one bought seedlings.

Malar said...

Adenium seeds really look so different! It look like thread!
Soon you will have a lot of babies to be taken care off! Hope your capsicum germinate well!
Do you still have the marigold seeds? ;-)

J.C. said...

Hi all, I am looking forward to having more seedlings to take care of soon. There are not much of activities in the garden to keep me occupied now.

Kitchen Flavour, your capsicum sprouted!! That gives me hope that mine may do so too! Yahoo...there's hope after all!

Malar, I have commented in your blog. Will mail you the Marigold seeds when I get your address in my mailbox. I am giving away some Adenium seeds too. Wanna try it?

Bangchik said...

Good Luck to your seeds. This the time, a gardener will love to keep checking for signs of growth everyday if not every hour... haha..

delcasmx said...

A lot of seeds, good luck!
You can grow coleus from cuttings in case you want to keep a specific strand apart.
I like those adenium seeds, they look funny like you can make a tiny Scarecrow out of them.

James Missier said...

It must be a wonderful feeling to get those pods growing and finally mature with lots of seeds.

How long does it take for the seeds to germinate into a nice looking plant - years?

I would really like to try planting one. Do let me know if you are willing to send few seeds to me. Thanks a million.

Wendy said...

cool. I'll have to read your other adenium posts to learn more about them. I can't recall what they look like. I love the way the seeds in the seedpod look.

whimsical said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're the perfect person for me to ask gardening questions to. Considering the fact that my late dad did landscape and had a nursery, I am so bad at gardening. I tried growing chillies, but after sprouting and growing to about one inch, they all died, I don't know why! My mom says to keep the seeds with salt before planting. Any tips? Thanks.


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