Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daiso - A Treasure for Gardener

I found a treasure while shopping at Sunway Pyramid last Sunday. This little treasure came in the form of a Daiso, a Japanese concept store that sells every item at RM5 (USD1.60). It has everything in it. By saying everything...I really mean everything...from kitchenware to food to stationery, stitch crafts to cosmetics, skincare and even DIY tools.

Join me on a virtual tour of what I have found at the Gardening section in Daiso. I find this Japanese shop carries a lot of creative and innovative items.

Snow White placed her little dwarfs on sale at Daiso??
Haha...these are little decoration dwarves made of clay with a hole behind it. According to the instructions, by filling up the hole with water, the water would seep through the porous clay and onto the plant, where these little dwarves are placed. So, in case you have to be away from home for several days, these little dwarves will ensure your plants will have a little moisture on their soils. How about that?

These little mushrooms function like the dwarves above.

Instead of strings/wire to tie your plant to a stake, how about these various kinds of 'binder' (this is a name I coined, coz I don't know how you would call these things).

Believe it or not, it took me a looooooong search before I found a shop that sells the labels for plants! There are 2 varieties here, the white one and the other packet has labels in yellow, pink, red and blue. How exciting I was to find them here! Fyi, I got a blur look from the sales assistant in Ace Hardware when I enquired about this label. Can't find it in Ikea too.

Various kind of tools ~ spade, hoe, tiller, knee support for your gardening needs.

Need a hanging basket to hold your pot of petunia? The green ones cost only RM5!!
As I know, my neighbour paid over RM30 for one.
The silver coloured ones are pot stands! Innovative, isn't it?

Various sizes of plastic pots. There are also fake flowers for those who learn flower arrangement!

Gloves, scissors, shearers

Decorative borders in white or brown; plastic, wood or bamboo to add a touch of beauty to your garden? Need a support for your growing plant? The choices are plenty!

Various forms of water spray or container.

Don't you agree with me that Daiso is a gem for us fellow gardeners? I was filled with excitement to share this little gem with all of you. In fact, I secretly took these photos and some turned out to be a bit blur as I was not using any flash. I know that most shops do not allow customers to take photos of their products. So, hope you enjoyed this posting.

And if you are keen to check out Daiso, it is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the New Wing of Sunway Pyramid, just opposite of Ace Hardware! Happy shopping everyone!

Lastly, Happy Thankgiving to fellow gardening bloggers who celebrate it!


Malar said...

Thanks for the information! This is really heaven for gardener going for budget like me! I should visit this place!

Stephanie said...

Wow they have one at Sunway pyramid? Cool! I love Daiso gardening products. Yes I must agree that they have very innovative things at the gardening section. Thanks goodness they are here in Malaysia!

p3chandan said...

Thats a cool one stop centre for everything a gardener needs and I saw the mushroom spikes mentioned in One's last posting! Must pay Daiso a visit one of these days. Thanks JC.

J.C. said...

Glad you all find this posting helpful. I believe that good things must be shared. So, happy shopping and gardening away!

One said...

J.C Thank you for sharing this. The products look interesting and affordable.

Blur Ting said...

Those binders are called cable ties.

fer said...

A lot of my garden supplies come form little budget shops like daiso.
Like, the bottles I keep the seeds and some of the little pots. It is truly a help for the budget gardener. Is so nice to know that you also have some over there.

Wendy said...

wow, looks like a lot of nifty items! I would spend all day there!

kitchen flavours said...

Daiso is my daughter's favorite place to visit for her nicks and nacks! We usually go to the one in IOI Mall. Interesting and cute household gadgets. Love the Japanese bowls and utensils, the gardening decors are cute! An interesting place to browse!

Autumn Belle said...

I like to shop in Daiso. I do admire your guts in taking these pictures and thanks to you, many others know about Daiso.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I would spend at least RM50 in there in 5 minutes. A gardener heaven.


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