Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Gift of Seeds

Ho..ho..ho..Christmas came early for me this year! I was surprised by a big mail from Maryland, USA when I went over to my old address to collect my mails. The package came from Wendy of Greenish Thumb blog.

Wendy celebrated her blog's 1st Anniversary by organising a Seeds Giveaway for the first 25 persons who e-mailed to her for seeds. I was one of the fortunate ones that responded and received this gift from her. Thank you very much Wendy for your kind generosity to share the seeds that you and your Dad had collected!
There are 24 packages of seeds all together! Your generosity moved me, Wendy!

The seeds were all beautifully packed in individual parchment paper envelope that allows us to see the seeds. Each seed name is hand-written on the envelope. I can imagine the thoughts, effort and time put into preparing these beautiful gifts for all of us.

Some seeds even came in this professionally designed matchbox. How creative! She got the idea from Martha Stewart. If any of you are keen to learn how to create this beautiful packaging for your plant seeds, please visit Wendy's posting here.

Thank you Wendy for these wonderful gift!
Wishing you a Happy 1st Anniversary to your blog, Greenish Thumb and may you celebrate many more anniversaries in years to come!


kitchen flavours said...

Wow! I'm very happy for you, seriously! All the wonderful seeds, I wish you many, many, happy moments planting and happy hours caring for all this soon-to-be plants! Wendy is certainly very kind and thoughtful to have taken the time to do all that! Cheers to Wendy!

One said...

Another WOW!!! Congratulations! That's really sweet and generous of Wendy. May you have fun germinating your new seeds.

AaronVFT said...

Such a wonderful gift. I wish I have seeds of lovely temperate plants too.

Autumn Belle said...

JC, Congratulations! It was nice of Wendy. I bet you will have lots of fun experimenting with the seeds and many updates for us to enjoy. Good Luck ;-)

Malar said...

Congratulation! Hope you enjoy sowing so many seeds! Do update us on each plant ok!

Stephanie said...

Wa so many seeds... hope you didn't scatch your head too much he he... I am still figuring out some seeds that I need to sow... finding space and time to sow them. Have fun with them yeah :-D I am sure your garden is going to be filled with bountiful greens in no time.

Bangchik said...

Great!.. so many to try.

islandgal246 said...

Wow how exciting JC! now you are going to have fun sowing them and eating the results. Happy gardening!

Ai Shiang said...

Hello J.C,

Long time no see! How are you doing? Thank you for dropping by my blog few days ago.

That's interesting. If those seeds were to be mailed to Australia, they sure will be quarantined.

J.C. said...

Hi Ai Shiang, thanks for popping by. I know that Australian Immigration is very strict with food...but with seeds too? That's tough for gardening enthusiast in Australia to receive seeds from overseas friends.

Wendy said...

oops...post-wise, I'll have to claim ignorance! All I agreed to was that nothing was fragile, liquid or perishable! :0

Thanks for this lovely post! I hope you enjoy!


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