Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yellow Fragrant Blooms

My garden has some sweet-smelling blooms lately. The fragrance is powerful. In my opinion, they smell like perfume.

Every evening when I return to my house, I could smell the sweet fragrance as I stood at the gate. What a welcoming smell to return home to. Although the fragrance is stronger in the evening, you can still smell a light scent throughout the day.

The flowers are very attractive too. When it first bloom, it was white in colour. On the following day, the whole bloom would turn into bright yellow. As it gets older, the flower will turn into darker yellow and orange when it drops off.

Hope someone can tell me the name of this flower.


islandgal246 said...

I too would love to find out the name of that plant. Is it a shrub or vine? Does it have seeds? Would love to get my hands on it LOL.

Autumn Belle said...

JC, you do have some unique flowers. I am still thinking about the mutiara and now you have this beautiful yellow bloom. I'd really really like to know the name too. I'll be back. Curiosity kills the cat!

Stephanie said...

JC, I wanted to get one of this plant. I think it is a Yellow gardenia. How big would the tree gets? Could this plant do well in mediaum size container? I would love to know ;-) TQ for posting this wonderful flower. Have a wonderful day!

Stephanie said...

PS: Was it expensive?

J.C. said...

Hi islandgal246: this is a shrub. Easy to grow under direct hot sun.

Hi Autumn Belle: thanks! I love fragrant flowers and try to collect as many as possible. Love coming home to sweet scented garden.

Hi Stephanie: This plant is not expensive. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the plant. I got this from Sg Buluh nursery, one of those in the compound near the Hospital. May be going there again next week. If I see it, I will check out the name and the price for you.

islandgal246 said...

You are correct, it is a yellow gardenia, gardenia pfordii. Now I will try to get my hands on that , I wonder if there are seeds?

Stephanie said...

Thank you JC. I appreciate that very much!

June Art Studio said...


I'm from USJ 13, Surprise to know that you really love garden plant and owner of the secret garden. Most of all very good photographs (snapshot)collection. I like your hobbies very much.


Juneartstudio (followers)

Autumn Belle said...

JC, I think islandgal246 is correct. It is yellow gardenia. I find this plant near my home too but it is a tree! I love the fragrant too but I notice that the flowers from the same plant have either 6 or 7 petals.

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Ochie said...

They call this plant as Gardeia Carinata. Nice Blog!


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