Friday, July 31, 2009

Murraya Paniculata

I have been slacking in updating my gardening blog lately. Things have been slow in growth and bloom where my garden is concerned. With the haze and heat, it's difficult to get my plants to grow well, it seems to me.

However, this morning I was greeted with beautiful balls of Murraya Paniculata blooms and busy honey bees and butterflies fluttering around those blooms. Not only they were busy, I also got busy with my camera. At last, I have something to share with my fellow gardening bloggers! What a relief!

Murraya Paniculata is an easy to plant shrub. I have 2 pots of them. I water them once daily and add flowering fertilizers every 2 weeks. They bloom frequently. But I don't get as many blooms as this time around. And this time, the bloom came in the form of a big ball. They are so beautiful to look at. The fragrant is strong and sweet-smelling. They grow well under direct sun! Just the plant that I need as I don't have much shade in my garden.

Here are my Murraya Paniculata for all of you. Hope they bring you joy as much as they brought me.

I have changed the template of my blog to a simple one that also allows me to post my photos in bigger format. Hope you all will like it.


Stephanie said...

Hello JC, very good change! Your blog page opens faster too ;-) This flower is so so beautiful. Very nice plant to have especially with such big cluster of flowers. The bees ha ha... they definitely love it. Sweet for them and beautiful for us to appreciate. Have a great weekend!

islandgal246 said...

Beautiful blooms it looks like it could be related to the gardenia or jasmine. I have never seen that plant before.

Autumn Belle said...

This flower is very very beautiful. Where can I get this plant? Is it expensive. I like the new format very much because the pictures are larger. Can you teach me how to do this?


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