Saturday, July 4, 2009

ACE Hardware

Ever been to ACE Hardware chain stores to get your gardening tools or materials? I did for the first time visit the Sunway Pyramid's ACE Hardware store recently. Thanks to Coleslaw, a fellow member from our community forum who told me that it is possible to find some of the gardening materials that I need there.

I bought this bamboo plant stakes to support my plants at ACE.

Usually I will purchase bamboo stake from the nursery in Giant USJ1. The bamboo stake is just smaller pieces of bamboo trunk. It would cost me RM0.30 each. However, since the nursery has moved, I haven't found another source of supply apart from the one in Sg. Buluh. That's a bit too far to travel from USJ in order for me to get just a bamboo stake.
The stakes that I bought in ACE Hardware came in a packet of 25 pieces at 36 inches long. They are thin bamboo stalks, smoothened and painted in green. The packet cost me RM8.00. That means each piece of stake cost RM0.32. That's really cheap.

One can also opt for either longer or shorter stakes. Mine is the medium length that ACE carries. Or one can also opt to purchase single piece of stake made of plastic. If I am not mistaken, it cost RM1.70 per piece. Similar to the bamboo ones that I bought, there are 3 different length to choose from.

The green bamboo stakes from ACE Hardware.

I used the stake to support my brinjal and tomato plants.

I also got this long hook from ACE at only RM1.70 per piece.
I have been searching for a long time for such long hook.

It is useful for hanging potted plants in my garden.

You bet, after finding such useful materials for my gardening hobby in ACE, this will be the start to many more visits to ACE.

Happy shopping, fellow gardeners!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I use all sort of things to stake plants up... bamboo leftovers from the last general election still around, senduduk stems and sweetcorn stems.

The stakes shown here are very neat and cheap.

~ bangchik

Less is More said...

Hi good day ! nice post you have . It's very nice , I have plan to setting up my garden can you give me an idea or steps on how to make it beautiful. i have heard some garden accessories such as garden spinner , wind chimes , wind spinners and many more . I want to try this things in my garden but i don't know how to get the right accessories . I hope you can help me . thank you .


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