Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colourful Portulaca

It has been very hot recently. Despite rain in other parts of Klang Valley, Subang Jaya remains dry and hot! I have to check on my Hydrangea daily upon returning home as it is the most susceptible to the scorching afternoon heat.

Recently I bought 5 packs of Portulaca from Danny's stall at Amcorp Mall's Sunday Flea Market. The plants came in various colour. I decided to put all 5 packs in one pot. They turned out lovely when they all bloom at the same time. And the Portulaca plants have bigger blooms too.

Here is my pot of Portulaca:

Beautiful Salmon Pink colour.

A fuschia colour bloom.

A white bloom.

An orange bloom.

A peach pink bloom.

An incidental Cockscomb plant that grew from seeds of my earlier Cockscomb plant that has since RIP.


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