Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blooms from My Garden

Let's see what has been blooming in the new garden.

I don't know the name of this plant. I have bought it for ages and this is one of the few pots that I have propagated from the mother plant. I don't know what I have done right recently that two pots of this plant actually bloomed for me. It has been a long time since I had blooms from it. I must be getting lucky!
Added on 10 May 20010: Thanks to James Missier of Garden Chronicles blog who informed me that this plant is called Peace Lily. What a beautiful name!

The miniature Ixora in yellow colour also showered me with blooms. After the blooms wilted, I have given this plant a good trim here and there to keep it neat and lush.

I love Costus! They are always blooming and the vibrant, red flower can last for weeks. I intend to propagate more of this so I can have more Costus to brighten up the garden!

My Amaryllis has given me 4 big blooms on one plant! This looks gorgeous! How I wish I could have such beautiful bloom in my garden everyday!

This plant was bought from Mrs. Lim in the wet market at SS2. I just cannot resist to take this baby home! The purple colour is so enticing. And the blooms remind me of orchid. Can anyone help me with the name of this plant?

Added on 10 May 2010: Thanks to Stephanie of Steph's Green Space blog who informed me that this plant is named Plectranthus Mona Lavender. A name that is as gorgeous as its blooms! To help me remember all this beautiful names of plants, I will make name tags for them when I can find time and do some research on the plant maintenance.

Lantana ~ it's my first time growing one! I got them from Mrs. Lim too. Love those clusters of bright yellow!! They just perk me up whenever I look at them in the morning! What a positive way to start a day!

After seeing these big blooms on my Adenium, I decided to carry this big pot of Adenium to our new house. I left this Adenium trunk to grow tall and now it is more than 6 feet in height. To keep the tall branches steady, especially now that we often get evening shower, I tied them to the bigger plant.

I hope to show you more blooms in the near future from our new garden.

Friday, April 16, 2010

SS2 Morning Market

I haven't been to SS2 morning market for many years and last Saturday I took the opportunity to bring my two sisters there. As my eldest sister is also an avid gardener, we had a great time wandering among those stalls that sell plants and fresh flowers.

Our visit ended up with us taking some plants home with us. My favourite stall is handled by a lady called Madam Lim. She operates from her car boot. Pots of plants are put by the side of her car, interior and car boot for customers viewing pleasure. She was very generous with her gardening knowledge and patiently talk to us about the various plants that she sell.

Plenty of plants to choose.

The Lantana that I took home.

Madam Lim introduced me to this plant that reminds me of Lavender. It doesn't exude any fragrance. I love the violet flowers and took this home too.

The blooms of this plant look like a blow fish.

Madam Lim keeps newspaper cutting on plants so that more information of the plant can be shared with her customers.

A cactus that can produce beautiful blooms. Madam Lim showed me a newspaper cutting about this cactus.

Hydrangea. I wanted to take this home but at RM10 per pot, I had to hold back since I have decided to get the Lantana and the Lavender-look-alike plants.

A very unique plant that is new to our market. I like Madam Lim as she doesn't mind entertaining me with her various pots of plants. She even carry out some from her car boot and ask me to take photos of the plants. How I wish all nursery owners are as patient and generous with their knowledge as Madam Lim!

A pot of rosemary

I love the different hybrids of Adenium found here.

Can someone help me with the name of this pink plant and the violet variety below?

Seen anything as beautiful as this? The blooms reminded me of bells.

A miniature Bird's Nest fern

Another kind of bird's nest

Mulberry plant with fruits


To contact Madam Lim, here's her name card. I am going to keep this for future reference. She told me that I could call her in the evening after dinner time if I ever have any questions to ask her about the maintenance of my plants! Isn't she great?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Tour of CETDEM's Organic Garden

During last Sunday's Organic Day event that CETDEM organized, we had the opportunity to visit its organic garden. The garden is located in a corner unit house at No.29, Jalan SS19/22, where CETDEM operates from.

CETDEM's centre

Here's the garden. Inter-cropping, where various plants are planted together in the same vegetable bed, is practised here due to limitation of space. Organic farming method is used here. Produces from this farm is sold to generate fund for the centre.



Spinach and radish


Wild ginseng

The beautiful bloom of wild ginseng



Ginger flower

Sweet Leaf Bush (Sayur Manis)

Miniature cucumber (Timun Susu)

CETDEM also organizes activities such as educational talk, tour to farms (there will be a trip to Cameron Highlands ~ for more info please go to its website) and volunteers are required to help at its organic garden. For those who are keen, kindly contact CETDEM at or tel: 03-7875 7767.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organic Day

I read in the newspaper that Cetdem (Centre for Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia) will be organizing its 4th Edition Organic Day tomorrow. There will be a public dialogue entitled: Organic Farming "Where do we go from here?" and a fair. Details are as follows:

Subject: CETDEM - Public Dialogue: Organic Farming "Where do we go from here?"
Category: Organic Farming
From: Sunday, 11-Apr-2010 (10:00 am - 2.00pm)
Venue: Jalan 19/22, Petaling Jaya (Field)
Panel: Farmer, Retailer, NGO. Admission FOC

Will any of you be going?


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