Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glorious Pink Blooms

My Hydrangea plant has a huge cluster of pink blooms now. I can't help beaming with pride every morning when I checked on it before I leave for work. And they are P-I-N-K!! They are so BEAUTIFUL to look at!

It is said that the soil pH defines the colour of Hydrangea blooms. I guess my soil pH would be alkaline since I have pink bloom. My friend, Poh, who gave me the cutting of this Hydrangea has blue blooms. I assume that the liquid fertilizer that I sprayed on the leaves of the Hydrangea may be the reason for the pink blooms. Usually organic fertilizer (in my case, I use goat dung) will cause soil pH to be acidic (I read this somewhere). Since I didn't use much fertilizer on th soil, I guess that's why the soil pH is alkaline.

What ever the reason, I really love these pink Hydrangea blooms.


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