Friday, May 25, 2012

Bunga Kerak Nasi

Sweet fragrance of Bunga Kerak Nasi permeates my backyard now.  My plant now has 6 clusters of blooms. This is my first time having so many blooms at one time.

We didn't transfer our Bunga Kerak Nasi from our old place when we moved 2 years ago.  I craved to grow Bunga Kerak Nasi, commonly used in making 'bunga rampai' (potpourri) in my hometown, Melaka.  Eventually I got us another pot of plant from a nursery in Sg. Buluh.

The plant grows better on the ground than in a pot. I trimmed it often to control it from creeping messily.  I am not certain if the regular trimming actually helped to make the plant bloom profusely.  But I am very happy looking at those blooms and enjoying the perfume fragrance in my backyard.


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