Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 2011 - What're Growing in My Garden?

I have been on hiatus from blogging lately. It has been a loooong break. Why? I gave the excuse that I am too tired after work to take pictures of my plants, upload them online, follows with blogging about them. Deep inside, I know that I am just being plain lazy. Hee...hee...I am indeed embarrassed about it. Fortunately, I am saying this online and not face-to-face. Or else, you would be witnessing my rosy blush!

Enough about me, let's move on to what I have to share about my garden. Like my blog, I have not been caring about my garden much. But I have added some plants that I bought from nurseries in Sg. Buluh after Chinese New Year. It's hard to resist the temptations to buy plants whenever I drive all the way to Sg. Buluh. My purpose was to get some flower pots. Alas, I came home with more than that! My neighbour commented when he saw me unloading goodies from my car boot, "You already have so many plants in your garden!" My plain reply was, "It's never enough!" Sorry that I have to trouble him with watering more plants when we are away from home. I truly appreciate my next door neighbour and family who gladly offer to water our plants whenever we are away. Thank you my dear neighbour!

Back to my garden, my Hydrangea has started to show some buds. With the help of liquid fertilizer, it has grown healthily.

This was how my Hydrangea looked when it first started to grow shoots 8 months ago. I wonder if 8 months a bit too long or is it normal duration for Hydrangea to grow into an adult plant? Would any of you who are familiar with growing Hydrangea able to tell me?

Soon, I will have huge Hydrangea blooms gracing my garden! I am overly eager to see this manifest!


Adeniums are displaying their big, bright pink blooms flamboyantly. They even have 2 seed pods to show.

Looking at this big cluster of bright Adenium blooms before I leave for work, makes me start my day on a cheerful mode.


I used to blog that my Gardenia buds were falling off the plant before they bloom. Somehow, my plant condition has improved. Lately I have been getting sporadic blooms.


Sunflowers are still blooming in my garden.




Periwinkles in pink and white. Their bright blooms are heart-warming!
I only pay RM2.50 for each plant.
Instead of spending money on clothes or food, how about spending them on plants! Think about that! For such meagre amount of money, it can buy us happiness!! More so, when the plants can last for months!
Aren't the purchase worthwhile? What do you say to that?


The colourful Coleus were sold for RM4.00 per plant too. They were hard to resist.
I love Canna. So I bought them in yellow and bright pink. The blooms didn't last as it has been raining daily.

Jasmine & Vallaris Glabra

I miss having the fragrant of Jasmine & Vallaris Glabra (in local Malay, Bunga Kerak Nasi) in my garden. I used to grow them in our garden in the old house. But their pots were too big for me to bring them over when we moved. So I left them in our old place.

Celosia / Cock's Comb

I have been eyeing to get Celosia or Cock's Comb plant after seeing them being used widely for landscaping in my hometown, Melaka. I choose a plant with vibrant red bloom.

These are the latest from my garden.
How is your garden doing?


Stephanie said...

hey JC your hydrangea is fast to bloom! Mine took more than a year to do so. Your liquid fertiliser must be really good for the plant. Once the plant blooms, it will be non-stop flowering :-D I have been waiting for your post btw. Glad to hear from you. Love to drop by your garden to see your healthy plants. Have a great weekend!!

One said...

Hi JC. Great to you see you back. You must have decided to spend more time on the plants than on the blog. Your plants look very good.

Looking forward to more sharing from you.

kitchen flavours said...

Glad to see you are back in action! After a disappearing act, you sure bounced back with lots of lovely plants! Happy Gardening!

Bernie said...

You did get some lovely plants on your trip to buy pots! You're so right ... you can never have enough plants!

That's excellent growth on your Hydrangea ... great job! You'll also have lots of Desert Rose seeds to plant out soon ... how wonderful to see the seed pods on your plant. Your Sunflower and Coleus are lovely,

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your garden looks very cheerful. I have only purple colour periwinkle that gives me many babies.

Malar said...

You have many plants actually! Those new plants are really beautiful collection!
Welcome back and hope to hear more on your garden!

James Missier said...

Those periwinkles are so cheap...
Really lovely to see those colourful blooms!

Bangchik said...

Hello JC
Long time no see.
You nurtured and displayed them well.., so healthy, so colourful. Hope more will be displayed... cheers, ~bangchik

Autumn Belle said...

You have made a lot of wonderful choics on the new plants. Your adenium has juicy, large stems and it is producing seed pods, something which I have not been able to achieve yet! Good luck and I look forward to April's blooms from your garden.

sootspirit said...

hello, i found your blog through google :)
does hydrangea blooms in malaysia?


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