Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strolling Through The Old Streets of Melaka

My friends from afar came to Melaka this weekend for our a close friend's wedding. I had a splendid time taking them through the old streets of Melaka town for food and shopping. While strolling through the old shops, I came across several shops that used plants to decorate the shops. The plants add a touch of nature to these shops that are located no where near any natural surroundings. Amazing, how these plants add a touch of green and freshness to bring charms to these outlets.

Walk beside me and let's stroll through these beautiful gardens in the old streets of Melaka town.

A pot of lotus and some bamboo plants placed outside a Chinese paper-cutting handicraft shop add an Oriental feel to the exterior of this shop.

A row of Mother-In-Law Tongue plants were placed to cover a drain. What a good idea! I don't usually find these long tapered fronds with pointed blades attractive.

But in this instance, the green succulent with yellow edges in a mass display really beautify this shop.

I am also drawn to these Balinese-influenced home decor shop called Puri Padi. I have always thought this is a spa theraphy centre. The calming surrounding with the lush, green garden has drawn many into its compound.

A water feature comprising of a waterfall and a koi pond.

A grass-thatched roof gazebo greeted customer at the entrance. Next to it was a big bush of tall heliconia with bright red blooms.

Lush greens were so welcoming!

Plumeria is a must-have plant in any Balinese garden. In Puri Padi, there's a big Plumeria with white blooms.

Railway sleepers path leading customers to the entrance of the shop.

Looking at the garden of Puri Padi, one would never know that it's located amidst blocks of boring, concrete buildings!!! The plants truly gave the place a peaceful and calming effect, right? Just like any spa centre set in the hilly town of Ubud in Bali.

The last shop that I feature today used Bird's Nest plants placed beside 2 water feature, with some wooden blinds to give it a rustic charm.

Hope you enjoy this stroll of gardens in the old streets of Melaka town.


Bangchik said...

History is here to stay. It blends well with modern setting and needs, therefore history remains relevant for much longer. Even the old "beca" has modern outfits.... Lovely display of malacca.


Autumn Belle said...

I love this beautiful rustic charm of a Balinese garden in the concrete jungle. The red paper cuttings are intricately designed and they look very nice on the wall, kind of brightens up the whole place.

Malar said...

Beautiful garden!
I like the lotus plant! They look so healthy!
I guess you had nice holiday!

kitchen flavours said...

Thank you, J.C.! I'm from Malacca and I've not been to these places! I will be one lousy guide, whenever I'm back home in Malacca, that's where I'll be, home!
Regarding your enquiry over at my kitchen, I bought the pectin from Bake With Yen at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. There's a really fabulous jam that I've made without the need of pectin, watch out for the post, maybe in next two weeks. Meanwhile, check out my apricot conserve which I've just posted, which does not require pectin too! It is really good eaten with homemade yoghurt!

ZZ said...

I loved the one pink flower, and the koi pond is nice.

Maylasia looks just beautiful!

takaeko said...

I love the streets where you can enjoy the harmonious atmosphere mixed with Asian, Chinese and tropical things.

Wendy said...

Really pretty sights. Thanks for sharing this!

Stone Art's Blog said...

Thanks for the lovely tour

milka said...

I enjoy these beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.


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