Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organic Day

I read in the newspaper that Cetdem (Centre for Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia) will be organizing its 4th Edition Organic Day tomorrow. There will be a public dialogue entitled: Organic Farming "Where do we go from here?" and a fair. Details are as follows:

Subject: CETDEM - Public Dialogue: Organic Farming "Where do we go from here?"
Category: Organic Farming
From: Sunday, 11-Apr-2010 (10:00 am - 2.00pm)
Venue: Jalan 19/22, Petaling Jaya (Field)
Panel: Farmer, Retailer, NGO. Admission FOC

Will any of you be going?


James Missier said...

Did you go? How was it?

Stephanie said...

Hi JC, I am afraid I will have to ask the same question as James. But if you went, I hope you have enjoyed the talk and learnt much. Have a great day and hope to see your new garden soon :-D Btw, have you been buying new plants?

J.C. said...

Hi James, Steph,

I did go to the Organic Day event. Just posted about Cetdem's Garden Tour. I bought some seeds ~ marigold & radish. Already sowed the marigold seeds. Was told that marigold is a good insect repellant.

Got myself 2 pots of plants on Sat from the SS2 morning market. A pot of yellow-orange Lantana & a plant that has blooms looking like lavender.

Stephanie said...

Yes I read of Marigold will repel insects. The yellow lantana must be really pretty :-D


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