Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Transition

I have not done any posting since we moved to our new house. It's already 3 weeks since we moved. Still a lot of things to follow through. I didn't manage to bring all my stuffs over from our old house. So I still go back regularly to pick up things that I miss and also to water some big plants that are still there. Yet to figure out how I should arrange them in our new place.

Before we moved, my 3 big pots of bougainvillaes collapsed due to the strong wind during a heavy downpour. Unfortunately, I used wires to tie up the 3 bougainvillae plants together so they can support each other well. They did support each other all the way to their fall! Reminds me of the Three Muskeeters tagline "All for one & one for all"! They were growing so beautifully and pink blooms were showing. I was expecting more blooms as the weather is getting very hot these days and bougainvillae blooms well under such weather! It's sad to see the top broken from the branches. So heart-broken that I forgot to take any photos of them. We had to chop them down and now we have 3 remaining trunks. Hope they will start to shoot and grow again!

Photos of the bougainvillaes taken in September 2009 when they were blooming profusely. I love the 2 pots with the variegated leaves and pink blooms. One pot produces orangey bloom but its flowers are very few. You can see one flower on the top of the second photo.


James Missier said...

Sorry to note about the bougainvillea, hope they thrive back again with many new shoots.

Good luck in your new house. Shifting takes a lot of sorting and cleaning and it can be messy at times when it comes to re-arranging the garden.

Hope you got a bigger space for gardening compared from your previous one.

Stephanie said...

I hope they will grow back. Many of my plants are affected by the heavy downpour as well. I know what exactly what you are going through!

Your bougainvillea is beautiful. The variegated leaves add more beauty to the plant overall.

Take your time ok and I hope all your shifting would be completed soon and smoothly

petite nyonya said...

Your bougainvillea will survive, don't worry. I toojust moved into my new home not long ago and am building up on my garden on an idle piece of small land at the backyard. I can't wait to get bougainvillea from the nursery. How did you get yours to flower so profusely? I saw your lady's finger post and I too am a new veggie grower and the seedlings have sprouted. Can't wait to see them grow. Shall visit your blog again for more gardening tips! Cheers!

Jeannie B. said...

The bougainvillea is beautiful!! I love it. It grows here in Louisiana but not like that. I saw some in California that didn't have thorns but I have not been able to find it here.

J.C. said...

Dear Petite Nyonya, the scorching sun helps a lot in getting the bougainvillae to bloom profusely. And some blooming fertilizers also do wonders. I always get the pink colour fertilizer for flowering. Ask your nearest fertilizer.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I sure hope they recover and will bloom just as beautifully as before!

Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................


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