Monday, March 1, 2010

My Father's Garden by Mirko Faienza

Here is a very nice macro shots of a garden & activities that took place in it. Beautifully shot by Mirko Faienza as he discovers a whole tiny world in his father's small garden. There is a small pond with small water falls, some stones, plants, and plenty of micro life! This video was shot on Panasonic 500- Fujinon 17x7.6 HD lens. Enjoy!!

My Father's Garden from Mirko Faienza on Vimeo.


James Missier said...

I have been waiting about 20 min by the screen waiting for the video to appear but it seemed to be the 3 petals circulating.

Do let me know if I need to click anywhere to see it.

Bernie said...

It is quite simply an amazing video ... thanks for sharing this! I watched it 3 times ... just to see that fabulous dragonfly again and again ... it has such a mischievous face!

To James ... just click on the title 'My Father's Garden' under those petals and you will go straight to the video at Vimeo ... outstanding little movie.

Bangchik said...

Beautiful!!... those are views enjoyed by insects as they hover around garden, hopping from one flower to another. ~bangchik

James Missier said...

Managed to see it.
Those nice waterdroplets, wasps, mantis,, truly amazing.
Even the music is very refreshing.

Stephanie said...

Nice video JC :-D Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and enjoy your garden!


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