Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garden of Prosperity

For those who want to see spectacular lights display in the form of a garden, the nearest to us in Klang Valley will be i-City! It was so fortunate of me when a fellow neighbour who is also a close friend brought me to i-City last night. i-City is located in Section 7, Shah Alam. To go there, take the Padang Jawa exit on Federal Highway & follow the i-City signages that will lead you there.

As our car turned into i-City, the beautifully-lit trees up on a higher ground greeted us from afar. Like little children, we all got so excited and just couldn't wait to get down. It's like we were approaching a fairy wonderland.

It seems that the light display had started since December during the Christmas celebration. Thus, there are 2 different lights display, i.e. the Garden of Prosperity & Frostie's Wonderland. I will let the photos below take you through a tour of i-City.

For those who are keen to go to i-City, the lights display will be on till early March. Entrance is free-of-charge. There will be a Chap Goh Mei celebration on this Saturday, 27 February. Chap Goh Mei is the 15th day of Chinese Lunar Calendar and it is also the last day of Chinese New Year celebration. Please see details below.

For residents who live in Klang Valley, do not miss out on this spectacular light display. The sights are to behold and they will turn you into a little child as you wonder through this fantasy world of lights.


Autumn Belle said...

This is really beautifully lit up and the effects are stunning. An awesome sight to behold.

James Missier said...

Thanks for the information, will check that out.
Its funny though to note lanterns on the christmas tree - I guess its going to be a common thing when Christmas & Chinese New Year comes together as one celebration theme.

Stephanie said...

Wa you really know where to go for nice things. Love the lighted trees here. They are really fascinating!

J.C. said...

Thanks all for your comments. Autumn Belle, James & Steph, you must check it out. This place is so beautiful. When we there last nite, the crowd was lesser coz it's weekday. Don't go this weekend unless you don't mind the big crowd. Or you can visit it after CNY.

Steph, I didn't know about the attractions at i-City. Thanks to my dear friend who knows I enjoy photography and brought me there.

Green thumb said...

Hi dear J.C! Thanks a ton for taking us through a fairy tale tour. The lights are awesome, they look so wonderful in your blog, I can only imagine their magnificence when seen in real.


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