Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Green Fingers Tip - Adequate Drainage

I read this in a magazine today & posting it here to remind myself about this tips, at the same time share with my fellow green fingers friends!

Adequate drainage is very important. Place a layer of stones at the
bottom of the pot before adding soil. This will prevent the roots from
becoming waterlogged and keep your plants healthy.


Bangchik said...

the leaves are very much similar to Betik.... or papaya. ~bangchik

James Missier said...

Alternatively you can also use styrofoam blocks - broken into pieces
(They help to make the pot lighter)
Also - a good number of "kerang" shells, piscatoo shells or coconut shells.

Stephanie said...

I just use red soil at the bottom when I do not have free stones he he... I like what James has suggested here too.

Thanks JC for sharing this good tip. Have a great day!

Autumn Belle said...

Like Stephanie, I also use the burnt red (clay?) soil. The burnt soil do not clump to gether and allows water to drain through. I notice that some nurseries use coarse sand when I repotted my lime plants. But I do like James suggestion.

J.C. said...

Thanks all for your sharing. James, I will keep in mind not to throw away styrofoam that comes with our electrical appliances or any items that we newly bought, now that I find a new use for it.

發言 said...
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