Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trimming of Adenium

Since joining the Adenium Yahoo Group, I have learnt some tips on Adenium maintenance. One of them is why trimming of Adenium is required.

If you want to have your Adenium growing many blooms then you need to trim its stems and let the stems grow more stems and the trimming continues with time, your Adenium will have more branches. With feeding of fertilizers on a regular basis (Adeniums need heavy & regular feeding of fertilizer in order to bloom), blooms will appear on these branches. The illustrations below (courtesy of the Adenium Yahoo Group) shows how an Adenium plant should be trimmed.

Another reason to trim the stems is when the stems have grown too long (just like the photo below). You may have seen many of such Adenium. Usually Adenium that looks nice are those with thick stem. In order to get those thick stems, you need to trim the long ones. Thus nutrients will be provided to the remaining stems and over time, they will thicken up ~ just like the Adenium in the garden of my friend, Rox.

My Adenium with messy, long stems. It's time to trim!

A photo of Adenium from Rox's garden.

The next 3 photos show the Adenium that I have newly trimmed.

New shoots appearing.

I left stems with seed pods untrimmed.
The stems are hanging backwards due to the weight of the seed pods.


Bangchik said...

Nice to trim plants. But you really need to be a little bit brutal to do it... and to see the branches separated from the mother plant.. haha. Cheers ~bangchik

Stephanie said...

JC, firstly thank you for following my blog. I like to hear from you more as well. Thank you for all your good info and nice photos that you put up regularly.

Regarding trimming Adenium, I have trimmed mine earlier but I was quite dissappointed to see only one shoot grew out. I was hoping for more. Also, my sister-in-law has a Adenium that did not grow at all after trimming ??? Would you know what might have happened?

Nonetheless, happy growing Adenium! They are really suited for our garden and I love their blooms.

Albert Lázaro-Tinaut said...

Very interesting and very nice your Garden!
Regards from Barcelona.

J.C. said...

Hi Steph, my knowledge of Adenium is based on what I have gone through for the past few years and through exchange of knowledge with friends. Unfortunately I do not know what has happened to your sis-in-law's Adenium.

May I suggest that you feed some growth fertilizer to the Adenium and see if it works? Adenium needs regular fertilizing to grow beautifully.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for your suggestion. But I think they have already done that already. Repotting etc. Last resort now is to let nature takes its course ;-)

boon said...

Hi I new here can tell me what soil for adenim? Now I use organic compost soil only but very hard to care..very slow glow n leaf turn yellow...


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